Taiwan also has high-grade black tea ~ pure “Taiwan incense”, so that Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea brings you a multi-level aroma experience!

Good black tea is not only available abroad, Taiwan also has a “Taiwan incense”, the flavor is far and near, well-known internationally, this is Taiwan’s locally cultivated Taiwan tea No. 18 , also known as “red jade” black tea. Pure tea drinking feels the aroma of mint, smooth with fresh milk honey, and is a perfect match for afternoon tea with high points!

Want to know what are the characteristics of red jade black tea with rich taste? And is there any effect of drinking red jade black tea? After reading this, you also want to have a cup of fragrant red jade with happiness refreshments!

What is red jade black tea?

Taicha No. 18, also known as red jade, is a large-leaf tea plant bred by Taiwan Tea Improvement Institute and Taiwanese wild camellia and Myanmar large-leaf tea plant, cultivated and improved in Yuchi Township, Nantou, and is also the largest production area. Red jade tea is most suitable for making black tea, its special multiple aromas are internationally renowned, known as the representative “Taiwan incense” in the black tea industry, once used as a tribute to the emperor of Japan royal tea, and more recognized by the international community can be comparable to Assam, Darjeeling and other alpine black tea quality, is a unique top Taiwanese black tea.

Red jade black tea origin

Sun Moon Lake indicates the origin of Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea

Hongyu black tea production area is located in Nantou Yuchi Township, that is, the area of Sun Moon Lake, the original tea plants planted in Yuchi Township are Assam tea plants introduced by the Japanese from Nanyang during the Japanese occupation, because Taiwan’s climate and terrain conditions are very favorable for tea planting, at that time the black tea produced by Sun Moon Lake is of very good quality, famous internationally, Yuchi Township has become an important town for Taiwan to study and cultivate to make black tea trees.

Then, the Yuchi Branch of the Tea Improvement Farm of the Taiwan Agricultural Committee is committed to cultivating the most suitable black tea plants for Taiwan, with the mother of Myanmar large-leaf species and the father of Taiwan’s native camellia, improving the red jade tea plants that appear today, named Taiwan Tea No. 18, the red jade tea tree is not only resistant to drought, diseases and pests, but also blends strong and wild native camellia and rich flavor of large-leaf species, becoming a rich taste and fragrant red jade black tea.

What are the characteristics of Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea?

Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea taste

Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea is most loved and praised, is its multi-level tea aroma, red jade tea will not only be harvested according to the season and have different fragrances, tea soup when brewing the aroma, as if the Taiwan mountains and forests between the sweet and delicious road one by one, at the same time, red jade black tea also has the rich and large black tea aroma of Assam black tea, is a single brew or made into flower tea, milk tea is very suitable for tea.

Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea has the natural wild aroma of Taiwanese camellia, which is most special because it smells of summer mint and autumn cinnamon, while the tea harvested in winter and spring will have a sweet aroma like green apples, and the spring harvest will have a faint orange blossom aroma.

The brewing screen of Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea indicates the characteristics of Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea

Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea color

Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea is called “RUBY” in foreign countries, with the meaning of ruby, because the ink black and purple red jade tea leaves are brewed with hot water, so that the red jade black tea soup color is red with golden light, like a ruby shining and clear, it looks pleasing to the eye, and the tea soup taste is rich but not bitter, smooth rather than difficult to swallow, large and strong taste, with crystal sparkling tea soup, no wonder red jade black tea is favored by tea lovers at home and abroad!

Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea effect

Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea belongs to the full fermentation tea, the catechins in the tea are mostly converted into thearubigins , theaflavins , less stimulation to the stomach and intestines, generally said that black tea is warm, nourishes the spleen and stomach, has the effect of degreasing and clearing heat and appetizing, it is very suitable for drinking after eating greasy or heavy taste food, keeping the body refreshed, reducing the burden on the stomach.

In addition, the caffeine of black tea is heavier than green tea and oolong tea, which can promote blood circulation, eliminate excess water in the body, prevent edema, and the most important thing is to replace coffee and become a mild refreshing tea.

So much so that Spero Tea red jade black tea is added to fresh milk to make fresh milk tea, which means that red jade black tea is suitable for making fresh milk tea

Moreover, red jade black tea with milk, sugar are very suitable, not only the aroma of red jade does not change, but also can drink a new taste, if you are not used to drinking pure tea, worry about excessive caffeine, and want to enjoy the deliciousness and efficacy of red jade black tea, you may wish to try to see this way of drinking, in addition to the flavor is not reduced, it can also be used as a substitute for the hand-cranked cup, delicious, healthy and slimming!

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Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea brewing method

Red jade black tea in the brewing, do not need to steep for too long, after about a minute of hot water into the teapot, you can start to pour out to drink tea, if you are not used to drinking the first brew, the next two or three brews will not affect the flavor of red jade black tea, if you want to use the cold brewing method, put the red jade black tea bag into the cold water pot, or brew it with hot water and then put it in the refrigerator to chill, it is also a refreshing enjoyment in summer!

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Spero Tea Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea represents Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea Brewing Method

Sun Moon Lake red jade original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

In addition, red jade black tea smells sweet, but when drinking it is not sweet and not greasy, it is very suitable for matching with sweeter rich snacks , such as cakes, pastries and other desserts often eaten in afternoon tea, so that you can enjoy the aroma between the noses, while feeling the sweetness of the tip of the tongue, and do not have to worry about the tea is greasy, it is really a delicious feast!

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