Milk aroma and floral fragrance intertwined, 3 minutes to understand the characteristics of the cute Jinxuan tea & how to identify authenticity!

You must have heard the name “Jin Xuan” to some extent, from the Taiwanese local cultivation of Taiwan tea No. 12 Jin Xuan tea tree, to the original font Jin Xuan body, you can see that “Jin Xuan” represents originality and the result of long-term efforts. After 40 years of cultivation process, Jinxuan tea has become an irreplaceable favorite Taiwanese tea drink in the minds of many people, and it is also one of Taiwan’s popular teas exported internationally.

Want to know the special taste of Jinxuan tea, the cultivation history of Jinxuan tea, and how to distinguish the authenticity of Jinxuan tea? After reading this, Bao Zhun will like this Taiwanese fragrant tea even more!

What is Jinxuan tea?

Milk Yun Jinxuan Indicates what Jinxuan tea is with Jinxuan tea bags

Spero Tea – Milk Yun Jinxuan Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Jinxuan tea tea is sweet, its unique milk aroma and osmanthus fragrance are the most famous features, and it is also a native cultivated tea variety that Taiwan is proud of. Jinxuan tea is often made into semi-fermented green tea, that is, oolong tea, compared with Qingxin oolong, Jinxuan tea is more affordable to the people, exuding the taste of milk and osmanthus fragrance, and many people who are afraid of bitter taste also fall in love with tea.

The cultivation history of Jinxuan tea

Jin Xuan Tea, also known as “27 Zai”, is a new variety bred in Taiwan: Taiwan Tea No. 12, and “Jin Xuan” is named after the grandmother of Wu Zhenduo, the director of the tea improvement farm at the time.

Jinxuan tea plant is a native tea variety cultivated by the Taiwan Tea Improvement Farm (during the Japanese occupation period for the Tea Production Bureau affiliated to the Taiwan Governor’s Office Breeding Bureau) from the 43rd year of the Republic of China, with hard branches and red hearts as the father, Tainong No. 8 as the mother, cultivated through artificial breeding, No. 2027, and after successful cultivation, it became the twelfth cultivation of new varieties, that is, Taiwan Tea No. 12.

This breeding method takes 21 years to complete a breeding cycle, but the results are also encouraging, the improved breeding of Jinxuan tea plant is not only more resistant to diseases and pests, but also has a higher yield, so far Jinxuan tea has become an excellent variety that can be grown in large quantities and exported abroad.

Golden Xuan oolong tea effect

Jinxuan tea is most commonly made into oolong tea, which is the second largest type of tea containing second most catechins after green tea. Catechins have antioxidant effects, which can remove free radicals in the human body and help reduce the possibility of cancer cell proliferation; In addition, catechins can also help lower blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular disease.

In addition to helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases, tea polyphenols and catechins in oolong tea have another effect: reduce the absorption of intestinal sugars and fats, help digestion, and stimulate metabolism; And oolong tea also has the effect of improving bad breath and preventing plaque and tooth decay, so many people will choose oolong tea as an after-meal drink.

Although the effect of tea is good, but still pay attention to the amount of drinking, about 2000C.C. daily water intake, about 600C.C. tea is a better amount, drinking too much oolong tea will affect iron absorption, resulting in symptoms of anemia, and because oolong tea has the effect of astringent gastrointestinal mucosa, patients with weak gastrointestinal sensitivity and constipation are not recommended to drink too much.

Jinxuan tea origin

The tea garden indicates the origin of Jinxuan tea

Jinxuan tea planting range is very wide, from flat land to alpine areas, the main famous production area is located in Nantou Zhushan Shanlinxi and Chiayi Alishan, belongs to high-altitude mountainous areas, the climate is humid and cool, the sunshine is short, clouds and mist, very suitable for Jinxuan tea planting and growth, the unique climatic conditions make the local Jinxuan tea leaves thick and full, emitting emerald green luster, a small piece of the essence.

At present, the alpine tea area in the central part is planted with Qingxin oolong and Jinxuan tea as the most, and the top three tea varieties with the most planted tea plants in Taiwan are also Jinxin tea, Qingxin oolong, and Alishan jade tea.

Jinxuan tea specialty

Unique aroma

The aroma is the biggest feature of Jinxuan tea plant, the high altitude growth environment makes the tea grow slowly, the gum is thick, not only reduce the bitterness of the tea, but also the unique milk aroma and osmanthus fragrance of Jinxuan tea tree are well preserved.

Jinxuan tea has a rich and fresh taste, not only is not bitter, but intertwined with tea aroma, osmanthus and milk aroma, bringing out a strong sweet and mellow taste, not only not greasy, but also many people who are afraid of the bitter taste of tea soup can accept it gladly and open a new experience of enjoying the fun of drinking tea.

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Oval blades

Jinxuan tea leaves are thick, showing a broad-leaved oval shape, leaf edge serrated shape, similar Qingxin oolong is slender leaves, serrated shape is also small, can not distinguish tea varieties by tea aroma, you can distinguish Jinxuan tea leaves and Qingxin oolong tea leaves through the leaves.

Golden tea soup

The finished tea leaves of Jinxuan tea are curled into tight balls, which gradually stretch and flatten when brewing, releasing aroma in the water, forming a golden yellow tea soup, which is suddenly fragrant, not only the color of the tea soup is pleasing to the eye, but also the aroma is refreshing.

Jinxuan tea leaves and tea soup are used to indicate the color and shape of Jinxuan tea soup

Degree of fermentation

Jinxuan tea plant with different degrees of fermentation, the degree of aroma emitted will also be different, Jinxuan tea tree can be made into black tea, green tea and light fermented oolong tea, unfermented Jinxuan tea milk aroma is the strongest, and the tea flavor concentration is also higher, with the higher the degree of tea fermentation, the faint milk aroma, and osmanthus aroma is stronger and clearer, therefore, the Jinxuan tea leaves into light fermentation oolong tea, the most can alleviate the strong smell of tea and the concentration of the contained substances, prevent stomach discomfort and too heavy taste of tea soup, Let the aroma harmonize the mouth, sweet and mellow.

Identification of the authenticity of Jinxuan tea

Jinxuan tea is not only widely loved, but also a popular variety of tea exported from Taiwan, with a unique milky and osmanthus aroma, which also makes Jinxuan tea a popular base tea in many hand-cranked drinking shops. But also because of this, some unscrupulous businessmen saw the business opportunities of Jinxuan tea, added flavors and spices to the tea, tried to make an imitation version of Jinxuan tea, drank the fragrant rich tea in one sip, admired the strong aroma at the same time, may have drunk the artificially made flavor tea.

So, how do we identify the authenticity of Jinxuan tea?

The following two big points teach you how to distinguish the authenticity of Jinxuan tea:

1. Tea soup and tea aroma

The milk aroma and floral aroma of Jinxuan tea need to be tasted and smelled after brewing to find that simply smelling tea leaves will not have a strong milk aroma, so if you simply smell the tea leaves can obviously smell the milk or floral aroma, or the aroma in the tea soup is very obvious, and the single milk or floral aroma remains in the mouth for a long time, it may be a processed tea with flavors and spices.

2. Tea price

Although Jinxuan tea belongs to a tea variety that is well planted and has a large yield, due to the special aroma and the identity of Taiwan’s cultivated alpine tea, its price belongs to the medium and high price, if the price of Jinxuan tea base drink is lower than or equal to that of general base tea when buying hand-cranked drinks, there is a high probability of using flavored tea.

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Jinxuan tea brewing method

The brewing temperature of Jinxuan oolong, hot brewing to use hot water of about 95 ° C is the most moderate, if you want cold brewing is also very suitable, the use of tea bags or tea filters can be quickly brewed and convenient to carry and drink, want to experience the complete fun of brewing tea, you can also follow the steps of brewing tea slowly enjoy the beauty of brewing tea to cultivate temperament.

The method of expressing Jinxuan tea with Jinxuan tea loose tea

Spero Tea – Milk Yun Jinxuan Special loose tea


Even the introduction of the official website of Spero Tea said that the quality of Spero Tea Jinxuan Tea is good

The sweet aroma of Jin Xuan makes people drink unforgettable, but drinking tea not only pays attention to the flavor, the quality and added ingredients must be carefully checked, I believe that after reading this article, you must have a deeper understanding of Jin Xuan tea.

Spero Tea is made of Nantou Shilinxi tea leaves made of Jinxuan oolong, each tea is fresh and direct from the place of origin, exclusive production and marketing history, so that you can see the growth process of tea, no artificial substances are added during production, and through strict pesticide testing, the most natural tea, can be safely drunk.

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