Tea brewing is a great learning! The most detailed 5 steps to brew tea to brew back to sweet tea


Tea brewing has been a university since ancient times, want to make tea elegantly, taste tea, but do not know what tea tools to prepare, and do not know the steps of tea brewing?

This article teaches you a detailed five-step tea making step, so that you can simply get started and enjoy the fun of making tea; If you want to enjoy freshly brewed tea outside, you must read this simple tea brewing method teaching, teaching you to simply use tea brewing tools and tea bags to easily brew sweet and good tea outside!

Tea brewing knowledge 1: tea brewing tools

The so-called “if you want to do things well, you must first sharpen your tools”, if you want to brew good tea, you must first understand the types and uses of tea brewing tools:

Tea rule

Tea is a tea brewing tool used to carry tea leaves, the shape is long or bowl-like arc, Lu Yu’s explanation of tea rule in the “Tea Sutra” is: “The rule, the measure, the quasi, and the degree.” It is clear that tea also has a device to measure the amount of tea that needs to be added when brewing tea.


Tea making utensils: schematic diagram of a teapot

Teapot is the most common tea making tool, with ceramic material is the most common, the size of the teapot depends on the number of people to taste tea.

Sea of tea

Tea sea is used to bear the tea brewed in the teapot, and then poured into the guests’ tea cups, so as not to soak the tea leaves in the teapot for too long and affect the flavor, want to make the quality of the tea soup better, you can cover the tea sea with a layer of strainer, used to filter a little tea residue to make the tea soup taste fine and sweet.

Scent cup

The size of the smelling cup is similar to that of a tea cup, but the shape is slender, and the cup mouth is gathered, so that the tea aroma is gathered in the cup, and the subtle aroma of various levels of tea can be smelled by smelling at the narrow cup mouth.

Tea tasting cup

Tea needles, teaspoons

Tea needles and teaspoons are tea brewing tools responsible for cleaning, the shape of teaspoons resembles slender spoons, the front end is curved, used to penetrate the body of the teapot and remove the tea leaves stuck in the teapot; In a position that is difficult to clean, such as the spout, use a slender tea needle to dredge and remove the tea residue stuck inside.

Tea brewing science two: tea brewing steps


Tea making step 1: warm pot, hot cup

Warm pot is to inject hot water into the teapot, so that the temperature of the teapot is close to the temperature of the water that brews the tea later, and then the hot water is injected into the tea cup and the smelling cup, which is also to make the temperature of the tea making utensils close to the temperature of the tea brewing.

Tea brewing step 2: set tea

Tea is the step of putting tea leaves into a teapot, before that, taking out the tea leaves with tea can avoid moisture from the hands from staining the tea leaves, and tea is also used instead of hand grasping when placing tea.

The amount of tea placed in the teapot is based on the principle of covering the bottom layer of the lake, which can be adjusted slightly to your personal liking, as long as the tea leaves can be fully stretched in the teapot.

Tea making step 3: Gently shake the pot

This tea brewing step is to leave the impurities in the tea leaves on the wall of the teapot in advance, and the warm brewing after that can be washed off at one time, and the action of gently shaking the body of the pot can make the tea aroma come out first, in addition to tasting the aroma, you can also feel whether the tea leaves have deteriorated.

Tea brewing step 4: warm moisture

Warm brewing is the so-called “awakening tea”, in which hot water is poured from the edge of the pot, the tea leaves are fully flipped and steeped, and when the water volume reaches eight to nine points full, gently shake the pot again, and pour this brew into the sea of tea.

Warm brewing helps the tea to absorb water and unfold, and then a few brews can make the tea flavor better dispersed, and the warm moist tea soup poured into the sea of tea can also be flushed through the smelling cup and tea tasting cup, which also makes the tea brewing tools more consistent, which is conducive to the tea soup flavor is better.

Tea brewing step 5: brewing

Tea brewing step 5: brewing

After warm brewing, it is the formal drinking and brewing step, inject hot water into the teapot to eight or nine minutes, wait for the tea leaves to be unfolded can be poured into the tea sea, and then the tea sea is poured into the cups of each guest, if there are both fragrant cups and tea tasting cups, please inject the incense cup first, and then pour into the tea cup after the guests smell the fragrance.

Many people will recommend that the first brew of tea is not to drink, in addition to washing off impurities again, the first brew of tea is rich, not everyone likes it, it is recommended to decide to brew until a few rounds before drinking according to the current tea soup situation and personal preferences.

Tea brewing step 6: smell the fragrance and taste the tea

As mentioned above, the steps of smelling incense and tasting tea are to smell the incense first, then taste the tea, after the tea soup is injected into the smelling cup, close to smell, feel the layers and subtle changes of the flavor of the tea soup, and then pour into the tea tasting cup to enjoy the mellow and fresh tea, thus completing an elegant tea tasting and tea making step.


Tea brewing knowledge three: simple tea brewing method

Modern people do not necessarily have a complete set of tea sets at home, and it is not suitable to carry too many tea sets when going out to work and travel, adding weight to bags. Fortunately, many kettles and cups now have a strainer, or you can buy tea bubbles to fill loose tea leaves; If you don’t want to carry loose tea leaves, it is also very convenient to use tea bags, as long as you have tea leaves and tea bags ready, you can enjoy tea anywhere!

Simple Brewed Tea: Loose tea leaves

The advantage of bulk tea is that you can adjust the amount of tea to be added according to your own want, want to brew tea outside, bulk tea can be divided into small sealed bags or small cans to isolate moisture, brewing using a strainer or tea maker can easily enjoy freshly brewed tea.
It is convenient to use tea makers in kettles and tea cups, but also pay attention to the time of steeping tea leaves, so as not to affect the flavor and health of the tea soup too strong!

Spero Tea – Honey-scented black tea


Simple Tea Brewing: Brewing tea bags

Spero Tea Shanlinxi Oolong Tea Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series Lightweight bag 7 in

Spero Tea – Shanlinxi Oolong Tea Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

The advantage of using tea bags is that it is easy to carry, does not need to be divided, and does not require any tea brewing skills, just put it in a cup and brew. In addition, tea bags and loose tea can be brewed in a cold brew, even in summer can be refreshing tea, but also reduce caffeine intake, such as green tea such as high tannin tea, brewed in cold brewing can also reduce the release of tannins, which is beneficial to people with poor stomach drinking.

Tea options to prevent caffeine overdose:

Daily drinks to prevent caffeine excess: 3 tips for choosing a low-caffeine tea!




The process of brewing tea can be simple or complex, the important thing is to choose high-quality tea leaves and the way that suits you, after reading the above tea brewing teaching, are you already eager to start your own tea brewing experience? A good tea brewing experience, start from choosing your favorite tea, go to the official website of Xi Tea, choose the type of tea you like, follow Spero Tea fan page, do not miss the first-hand news, any products, tea brewing questions can be privately inquired!

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