Is it more effective to lose weight in winter? Choose the right low-calorie food to keep you healthy and fat!

The gradually colder weather always makes people want to eat a hot pot meal, plus a cup of high-sugar hot drinks, warm the body and boost the mood, the body that is hard to maintain in summer, silently walk the clock under the high-calorie diet.

Want to wear a fitted sweater in winter and be a warm beauty with a rosy complexion?

Spero Tea teaches you to skillfully select low-calorie foods and low-calorie drinks to match a set of low-calorie recipes to resist the cold winter, so that you can eat full and warm without being fat!

How to lose weight in winter? Three winters to lose weight is key

Winter always has the magic of making people sleepy, hungry and not wanting to go out, but as long as you master the following three keys, you can maintain your body even in the cold winter, and you can also become healthy and energetic in body and mind!

The key to losing weight in winter is to maintain exercise, and winter is the fastest season to lose weight

In winter, because of the cold, people generally do not want to go out. In fact, winter has the highest basal metabolic rate (the minimum calorie expenditure required in the day), so if you continue to maintain your usual amount of exercise after getting cold, winter is actually the easiest season to lose weight.

People who run say that exercise should be maintained to lose weight in winter

The key to losing weight in winter is two: vitamin D intake and normal work and rest

In winter, due to reduced sunshine and low temperatures, people are prone to depression and loss of vitality due to lack of activity and vitamin D supplementation. Supplementing vitamin D through diet, maintaining a normal routine, not sleeping too much and staying up late, can help get rid of the dilemma of overeating and work and rest disorders due to low mood in winter.

People who bask in the sun say that losing weight in winter should pay attention to supplementing the nutrients lost by the sun

The key to losing weight in winter is three: choose a high-nutrient, low-calorie diet, eat full and healthy

In winter, many people will choose to enjoy delicious food to warm their bodies and improve their mood, and unconsciously consume too many high-calorie foods and processed foods in the process, but enter the vicious cycle of continuous eating because the nutrients they really need are not enough.

Therefore, choose satiety, nutritious, unprocessed prototype foods, and pay attention to the cooking method and the condiments, and start changing these small details to eat happily and satisfactorily while reducing calorie intake.

The following is recommended to give you a few directions for choosing low-calorie foods and low-calorie drinks in winter, and want to know how to eat well and eat smart in winter? Refer to these picks to match your low-calorie recipes!

Low-calorie recipes go this way: four rules for low-calorie foods in winter

If you want to lose weight in winter, in addition to maintaining exercise habits, it is important to avoid excessive fat intake. Sesame oil chicken often eaten in winter, hot pot eaten at dinner, fried food, etc., may not be fat, but with the cooking method will make the overall calories rise a lot. When choosing or cooking a diet, follow these four rules, winter is no longer the season to get fat!

1. Low-calorie foods in winter: protein and vitamin D

Protein has a high food heat effect, in the cold winter, the human body will continue to burn protein and fat to keep warm, at this time, intake of protein helps the body heat, when choosing supplemental ingredients, you can choose chicken, fish, seafood instead of pork to reduce calories, eat more beans, tofu can also help supplement protein.

Soups with green onions and salmon indicate that one of the low-calorie foods is protein

In addition, salmon and saury, which can be cooked with shiitake mushrooms and black fungus when cooking soup, are not only rich in fiber, but also supplement healthy oils, which are rich in vitamin D.

Delicious and simple, homemade tea eggs supplement protein: boiled tea eggs with this tea are actually better than those sold by supermarkets!

2. Low-calorie food in winter: spicy and warm seasonings

Spicy spices such as ginger indicate that one of the low-calorie foods is spicy and warm seasonings

The so-called spicy and warm foods refer to spices such as onions, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and other winter cold-resistant spices, and spicy and warm foods have the function of enhancing qi and blood circulation, suitable for people who are prone to cold limbs and poor circulation in winter.

Spicy and warm ingredients can be added to the diet as spices, such as ginger tea, ginger clams, cinnamon coffee, etc., which are all low-calorie diets that help warm up the body and blood circulation.

3. Low-calorie foods in winter: fibrous vegetables

In winter, because of less activity, metabolism slows down, and the speed of intestinal digestion is also reduced, so one part of losing weight in winter is to maintain healthy intestinal digestion. Low-calorie foods that can improve fiber quality, such as cabbage, cauliflower, white radish, etc.

Cruciferous vegetables regulate blood sugar and maintain cardiovascular disease, and broccoli can help lower cholesterol and blood fat. If you want to cook in a hot pot, remember to put the vegetables first and then the meat, so that the clean broth is blanched first, so as not to absorb too much fat and impurities.

4. Low-calorie food in winter: warm water hot tea promotes metabolism

Winter is a good time to promote water intake, which is an important driver of human metabolism. In the past, I always liked to drink ice in summer, and I liked to drink hot drinks in winter, but the calories of hot drinks are also an invisible weight loss killer, such as bubble tea, hot cocoa and other high-sugar drinks, in fact, calories are not low.

Some people wonder: What drinks can you drink for weight loss in winter?

Holding Spero Tea in your hand means that one of the keys to the intake of low-calorie foods in winter is hot tea

It is recommended that in addition to drinking warm water, sugar-free hot tea to replace a cup of hand-cranked cups, hot tea in addition to being a low-calorie drink, but also has the effect of strengthening the body, can boost the spirit of winter, tea soup brewed many times, but also to avoid excessive caffeine intake.

Low-calorie recipes go this way: sweet, sweet, sweet, low-calorie drinks

I don’t know what to drink for weight loss in winter, black tea is the first recommended tea, the process of black tea is completely fermented, tea polyphenols in tea will be converted into thearubigins and theaflavins in the process, tea is mild, can resist influenza, in addition to good stomach and can warm the body, hot black tea also helps to enhance blood circulation, reduce blood lipids.

Spero Tea to Xi Tea Hot Sale Black Tea Bag Group indicates that black tea is a low-calorie drink for winter weight loss

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Don’t want to drink hot black tea alone? Healthier with milk, ginger juice, honey

If you are not used to drinking sugar-free black tea alone and want to challenge low-calorie drinks, we recommend the following three black tea pairings, low-calorie drinks can also be delicious and healthy!

Black tea milk

Black tea is a fully fermented tea, which may taste bitter for some people who are not accustomed to drinking sugar-free tea, so adding milk to black tea can alleviate the bitterness of black tea and increase satiety. Add milk to balance with black tea, and a cup of fragrant low-calorie drink is complete!

If you want to make your own black tea milk, Spero Tea recommends using Taiwan Tea No. 18 Sun Moon Lake Red Jade, the unique aroma is perfectly combined with milk, bringing out a different honey aroma than when drinking black tea alone.

Spero Tea Sun Moon Lake Red Jade means that black tea milk is one of the low-calorie drinks

Sun Moon Lake red jade original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Drink black tea milk should pay attention to one point: if milk is added too much, the effect of black tea to help lower blood lipids may be slightly reduced, but as long as you do not add too much, the effect of black tea can be exerted.

To know how to brew mellow black tea milk, please see this article:

Milk tea control must learn! Experts teach recipes, fragrant and rich red jade fresh milk tea is simple and does not fail!

Black tea, milk, ginger ale, black tea

If you want to lose weight in winter, ginger black tea can be said to be a joint attack on anti-edema and antioxidant!

Ginger black tea uses old ginger, has the effect of removing cold and promoting metabolism, drinking with black tea, not only diuretic, anti-edema, but also can promote body fever, help improve cold hands and feet, is very suitable for winter weight loss drinking low-calorie drink.

Black tea, milk, honey, black tea

Honey black tea indicates a low-calorie beverage

People who don’t like to drink sugar-free tea, adding honey to black tea not only enhances sweetness, but also reduces sugar calories. Honey black tea can help refresh, nourish the stomach, detoxify, is a low-calorie drink for women’s beauty and beauty, is also very suitable for students, office workers to drink to maintain vitality, if you can’t quit sugar drinks for a while, you may wish to start the road to drinking tea with honey black tea!


Winter is the season of supplementation, but also a good time to be healthy and thin, as long as you pay attention to the choice of diet, you can greatly reduce the intake of calories, eat full and eat smartly, after reading the above low-calorie food and low-calorie drink recommendations, I believe you can also match a set of your own delicious winter weight loss low-calorie recipes!

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