Is it OK to replace water with sugar-free tea? How much is the heat? One article to answer all your questions about sugar-free tea!

Sugar-free tea takes into account the benefits of low calories and beneficial to the body, and has more sweet taste than simply drinking water, and is the first choice for many people to buy drinks. But everyone still has many questions about sugar-free tea, such as is it okay to replace water with sugar-free tea? Does sugar-free tea have any calories?

This article will answer your questions one by one and let you know about sugar-free tea!

Question 1: What are the benefits of drinking sugar-free tea?

Brewed Spero Tea Sugar-free Tea indicates the benefits of drinking sugar-free tea

Reduces cardiovascular disease

The catechins in tea have the effect of antioxidant, avoid the accumulation of blood lipids, which are very beneficial to cardiovascular protection, can avoid blood clots and maintain vasodilation, the highest catechin content in many teas is green tea, studies have shown that fixed drinking sugar-free tea has a positive effect on reducing the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Boosts metabolism

Similarly, catechins also have the effect of helping to inhibit fat accumulation, reduce fat absorption, and promote cell metabolism, no wonder many people say that when you want to drink a drink, drinking sugar-free tea can also promote weight loss.

Reduce sugar intake

Many people want to quit drinking, but do not want to drink only water, will choose to drink sugar-free tea, in fact, the biggest difference comes from the intake of sugar, exquisite sugar is unnecessary energy for the human body, although it has an exciting, pleasant effect, often but also makes people fat very fast, develop the habit of replacing sugary drinks with sugar-free tea, can effectively reduce sugar intake, and meet the desire to drink drinks.
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Avoid caffeine overdose

Modern people want to refresh themselves and have developed the habit of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, but once excessive caffeine intake leads to addiction, many side effects occur when they want to stop. Developing the habit of replacing coffee with sugar-free tea can reduce caffeine intake, and the theanine in sugar-free tea can also help improve anxiety and concentration.

Question 2: How many calories are sugar-free tea?

Sugar-free tea calorie analysis table

The following calorie calculation of each tea drink is based on about 700ml per cup:

Calculate the calories of various teas with about 700 ml per cup of beverages Represents the calorie analysis table of sugar-free tea

Drinking pure sugar-free tea will not have calories at all, but as long as you start adding refined sugar, the calories will soar rapidly, and even if milk and ingredients are added, sugar-free calories are still much higher than sugar.

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Other substances in sugar-free tea

Even if there are no calories, it does not mean that we drink sugar-free tea without ingestion substances at all, tea contains a variety of minerals and organic compounds, such as tea polyphenols, thearubigins, theaflavins, caffeine, etc., are organic compounds in tea, timely supplement inorganic minerals such as calcium, sodium, iron, etc., which are also beneficial to the human body.

However, drinking too much tea soup, or even drinking sugar-free tea directly as water, what kind of impact will it have on the human body? Let’s keep looking!

Question 3: Is it OK for sugar-free tea to replace water?

Although sugar-free tea has no calories, it is not possible to completely replace water with tea, drink a moderate amount of tea, and it is better not to exceed 600c.c. per day.

The counter-effect of drinking too much tea

A woman with abdominal pain indicates the opposite effect of drinking too much sugar-free tea

Drinking tea is good for health, but excessive tea drinking will cause the body to absorb too much of the substances in tea soup, and here are a few symptoms that may occur when drinking too much tea:

kidney stone

Tea is rich in oxalic acid, which is easy to form calcium oxalate in the human body, which is filtered and excreted by the kidneys, but if the calcium oxalate formed is too much, the kidneys are overwhelmed, kidney stones will be formed, and severe cases may cause kidney failure. However, drinking tea moderately every day can reduce the risk of kidney stones, and daily tea drinking should be avoided 1-2 hours after meals to avoid affecting the absorption of calcium and iron.


Tea contains tannins, moderate drinking is beneficial to the stomach, but excessive will cause gastrointestinal peristasis, plus tea contains caffeine, with diuretic effect, frequent drainage and no gastrointestinal peristalsis, it is easy to cause human constipation, therefore, in addition to drinking tea, you should remember to supplement the water needed by the body.


Although the caffeine content in tea is less than that of coffee, if you drink too much tea, the accumulated caffeine may still cause human excitement, which in turn produces side effects of anxiety and insomnia.

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Gastroesophageal reflux, gastric ulcer

If the caffeine mentioned above and theophylline in tea are absorbed too much, it is easy to stimulate the stomach, produce symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, and seriously lead to gastroesophageal reflux, and even gastric ulcers, therefore, try not to drink tea on an empty stomach, drink tea in moderation, still remember to replenish water.

Sugar-free tea recommendation: how to choose sugar-free tea?

The key to commercially available sugar-free tea picking

Commercially available canned sugar-free tea is an emergency choice for many people who want to drink tea outside, and when choosing commercially available sugar-free tea, you can pay attention to the following two points:

1. Processing additives

In order to increase the flavor, maintain the color of the tea soup, or improve the taste of the tea soup, many of the commercially available sugar-free teas will add additives to the tea soup, especially many sugar-free teas that are thought to be calorie-free, and the addition of additives will actually silently produce more calories.

2. Caffeine content

People who are more sensitive to caffeine, the ingredient list of sugar-free tea on the market will now indicate the content of caffeine, in addition to filtering from tea species, you can also look at the caffeine content table before purchasing, so as not to want to avoid coffee, but still get too much caffeine from sugar-free tea.

Homemade sugar-free tea tea bags recommended

Sugar-free tea bags are used to indicate the recommended types of sugar-free tea bags

In fact, there are now many sugar-free tea bags are made very convenient to carry, has helped you divide into small packages, in the form of tea bags to take away, and do not need to bring their own tea filter or filter, put into the kettle can be brewed, whether hot brew or cold brew, can be easily completed by themselves, and does not contain any additives, can play the tea beneficial components to the human body intact, not damaged by the process, and can feel the original sweet taste of tea.

Here are four sugar-free tea bag combinations from Spero Tea that you can easily make your own sugar-free tea even when you’re away from home:

Spero Tea Frozen Top Oolong Original Leaf Triangle Three-dimensional Tea Bag Series Lightweight Bag 7 Pieces indicates that sugar-free tea bags are recommended

Spero Tea – Frozen Oolong Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Spero Tea Biluo Chun tea bags show sugar-free low-calorie tea

Spero Tea – Biluo Chun Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Spero Tea Milk Yun Jinxuan Original Leaf Triangular Three-dimensional Tea Bag indicates that sugar-free tea bags are recommended

Spero Tea – Milk Rhyme Jinxuan Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Spero Tea Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Original Leaf Triangular Three-dimensional Tea Bag indicates that sugar-free tea bags are recommended

Spero Tea – Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

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After reading the introduction of the above article, I believe that your understanding of sugar-free tea is one step closer! Choosing any type of diet has its benefits, but remember to maintain a balanced intake of nutrients and eat the right amount to maintain a healthy body and posture!

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