Milk tea control must be learned! 2 steps to quickly make mellow and rich red jade fresh milk tea Simple and not failing!

Find a little luck for yourself in your busy life! You can also brew a good cup of tea quickly!

The composition of milk tea is to add tea with creamer, milk powder or milk, and this drink can be drunk in countries around the world, and the characteristics presented are very different according to the different production methods of each region.

Spero Tea’s recommended red jade black tea this time is a unique black tea in Taiwan, with natural mint aroma, light cinnamon aroma, rich texture and refreshing taste.

The aroma of red jade has been praised by the world’s black tea experts as “Taiwanese fragrance”, which is a black tea with Taiwanese characteristics.

Fresh and sweet alone, it is very suitable to enjoy with refreshments, cakes and desserts, etc., which can neutralize the sweetness of desserts in the mouth and add flavor to the taste buds, and mixed with milk can show the sweet aroma of honey, which has a completely different flavor from Assam.

In addition to the milk tea flavor of the milk tea itself, Red Jade Fresh Milk Tea has an extra taste of fruity aroma and natural honey aroma

Today, let’s teach you how to brew a cup of unique red jade fresh milk tea!

Today I will introduce the benefits of Taiwan’s specialty black tea – red jade

1 : The British like to eat afternoon tea with black tea, and often accompany black tea with black tea when eating steak meals. Black tea has digestive benefits and benefits, which in turn promotes appetite.

2 : Fermented black tea can also promote human digestion, so black tea not only does not hurt the stomach, but can nourish the stomach.


3 : Protect cardiovascular, black tea can increase the content of nitric oxide in blood vessels in the body, dilate blood vessels and help eliminate free radicals , promote vascular endothelial cell health, and reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular lesions.

4 : Black tea is a fully fermented tea, which is rich in flavonoids and contains more than unfermented green tea, which can effectively resist oxidation and make you drink younger and younger.

A unique ingredient of black tea – theaxanthin

Also known as “theaflavins”, or “theaflavins, TFs”.

Theaflavins are very important good ingredients in tea and belong to the large family of tea polyphenols. Theaxanthin is a highly polymerized macromolecule produced by oxidation and fermentation of tea polyphenols (catechins, the main substances in tea) during the production process of tea, and belongs to water-soluble product substances.

All fermented teas will have ingredients, and the higher the degree of fermentation, the higher the proportion of theaxanthin will be.

According to the degree of tea fermentation to distinguish tea (green tea, oolong tea, black tea), theaxanthin is mainly found in “black tea” tea.

Spero Tea The emulsification phenomenon produced by the black tea after standing

Black tea becomes cold, and the tea soup becomes cloudy, even a bit like milk tea, but this phenomenon is not broken! This is a phenomenon peculiar to black tea :

This is a normal phenomenon called “emulsification” or “cold mixing”, which will appear in high-quality black tea, so when you see black tea become cloudy, after removing the factors that have been left for several days, don’t worry! This is not the reason why black tea has gone bad or the tea leaves are not of good quality.

If the black tea has become an emulsification phenomenon, just increase the temperature of the tea soup. It is recommended that you only need hot water, and when the temperature of the tea soup that presents the phenomenon of tea milk increases, the cloudy and misty white tea soup will immediately return to the original clear color of the tea soup.

Black tea with emulsification indicates that the quality is very good, so the emulsification phenomenon is not deterioration, but a normal “physical phenomenon” that does not change in nature

Ingredients required to prepare red jade fresh milk tea :

1 : 2~3 black tea bags or 6~8g tea leaves

2 : Water 200ml

3 : Whole Fresh Milk 200ml

4 : A pinch of honey or sugar

The production process of red jade fresh milk tea :

1 : [Black tea to be strong] First, put the tea bags into the mug, pour 200c.c. boiling water, and steep for 10 minutes.

P.S black tea is brewed slightly stronger than usual, which can make the blended tea taste fuller and aromatic

After 10 minutes, remove the red jade tea bag and add ice cubes to let the black tea cool

(The degree of coolness can be increased or decreased according to personal preference)

2 : 【Add more milk】We recommend using whole milk because it will be rich when you drink it

Pour 200cc of milk into 200cc of red jade tea, stir evenly and enjoy red jade fresh milk tea!

・ Normal tea to milk, the ratio is about 2:1
People who like to drink milky aroma can adjust the ratio to 1:1

・You can add milk first (brew tea into milk) or add milk later (add milk to tea), so try it!

The use of fresh milk, compared to milk tea made with milk powder and creamer, it is healthier and more delicious!

The milk itself is sweet, so this recipe does not add sugar, friends who like sweets, you can add honey or brown sugar!

SperoTea Gentle Reminder :

1 : The black tea leaves used We recommend choosing tea flavor, Sun Moon Lake red jade black tea, honey fragrant black tea, etc., are all good milk tea base. Choose from your personal preference!

2 : You can add pudding or pearls to add texture and flavor according to personal preference.

3 : Cold or hot red jade fresh milk tea can be made according to this recipe!

The above is the complete super simple teaching steps to drink thick red jade fresh milk tea, the required materials are ready, come and follow us to do it!

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us. Thanks for reading