6 low-calorie afternoon tea recommendations, lunch tea is half less calorie!

Afternoon tea is the most looking forward time of the day for office workers, open snack packs after pack in the afternoon, cut open the cake purchased by the group to divide food, order drinks from the group, and enjoy a happy afternoon tea. However, eating these high-calorie dessert drinks every day, fat is also unknowingly accumulated, and one day I squeezed my waist and found that the meat on my waist was thicker?

In fact, as long as you change the afternoon tea combination slightly, afternoon tea can eat happily and healthily, how to match low-calorie afternoon tea? Read this article once learned!

Before knowing low-calorie afternoon tea, first understand how to choose low-calorie meals:

Is it more effective to lose weight in winter? Choose the right low-calorie food to keep you healthy and fat!

Bite-by-sip of low-calorie afternoon tea

Shabu small package snacks, is a must for many office snack cabinets, a small package is not large, can meet the appetite of the mouth, and will not have too much burden to eat, in the office to share food for everyone is also very convenient.

However, small packages of snacks have a kind of magic, always making people think that they have not eaten a lot, but in one pack after another, they fall into the obesity trap that cannot be stopped.

If you want to continue to enjoy shabu-shabu snacks, but are worried that your calorie intake is too high, you may wish to change to see the types of small packaged snacks, and recommend that you follow the following two low-calorie snacks, which are equally delicious and take into account the advantages of low calories!

Shabu low-calorie snack: low-calorie konjac jelly

Shabu low-calorie snack: low-calorie konjac jelly

Konjac jelly has both low calories and satiety, a small package of sweet but not greasy, to satisfy the desire to eat sugar without fattening, there are many 0 calories, low calorie jelly on the market, are a good choice for tea time.

Although low-calorie konjac jelly is very low, it still contains some sugar, in fact, the method of jelly is very simple, readers can refer to the homemade low-calorie snack jelly recipe provided by Spero Tea, make their own jelly, both healthy and delicious!

Shabu-shabu low-calorie snack: oatmeal crisps

Shabu-shabu low-calorie snack: oatmeal crisps

Oats are rich in dietary fiber, protein, carbohydrates, eating oats is easy to feel full, the dietary fiber contained in it can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, if lunch feels not full, lunch time and a little oatmeal chips as a low-calorie snack, can meet the appetite, and will not take too many calories, very suitable as a tea snack.

Homemade low-calorie snacks, you can also eat this: boiled tea eggs with this tea, actually better than supermarkets sell!

Sweet and blissful low-calorie afternoon tea

Many people will want to have a sweet tooth for afternoon tea, accompanied by a cup of coffee and hot tea, it is simply a blessing paradise in the office. But a small piece of cake, the calories contained in it are not low, and with a latte or a hand-cranked cup, the afternoon tea is hard to add the calories of a meal, which should not be underestimated.

Here are two low-calorie desserts that you can enjoy by yourself, or share them with colleagues in the office to enjoy a healthy low-calorie afternoon tea together.

Sweet low-calorie dessert: low-calorie chocolate brownies

Sweet low-calorie dessert: low-calorie chocolate brownies

The moist and thick taste of the brownie is fascinating, and when you bite into the solid cake body, the rich bittersweet chocolate aroma spreads from the tip of the tongue, such a tempting dessert, because it contains high-calorie milk, flour and cream, you will inevitably gain weight if you eat too much.

There are now plenty of low-calorie desserts that focus on halving the calories without losing the taste, and chocolate brownies are certainly available in low-calorie versions! By replacing the flour, cream, and milk in the raw materials with tofu and soy milk, you can make the same dense and rich chocolate brownie that can reduce calories, if you don’t want to make it yourself, there are many dessert shops that have launched such low-calorie desserts, you can grab group buying in the office, and everyone can enjoy low-calorie desserts healthily!

Sweet low-calorie dessert: low-Kasperque cheesecake

Sweet low-calorie dessert: low-Kasperque cheesecake

Basque cheesecake has a smooth taste like ice cream, and you can feel the thickness of the cheese from the moment you cut it under the knife, and when you put it in your mouth, the semi-melted cheese immediately covers the tip of your tongue, and the salty, sweet and salty aroma makes you want to taste more.

Many people are worried that Basque cheesecake ingredients include cheese, sugar, whipped cream, and must be high in calories, so you can search for low-calorie Basque cheesecake that advertises ketogenic and reduced sugar.

Reduced sugar and low Kasperque cheesecake is also a way to reduce calories by replacing raw materials, replacing fresh cream with sugar-free yogurt, replacing flour with almond flour, white sugar with fructose or adding a small amount, which can make the cake about half the original calorie!

In addition to directly abstaining from sweets, there are actually many low-calorie desserts that lack starch and sugar in the production process, but the happiness and satisfaction of eating sweets is not missing at all!

Low-calorie afternoon tea is the perfect beverage pairing

Dessert snacks have the option to reduce calories, afternoon tea with drinks of course can not be sloppy, recommended want to quit sugar friends, you can try to brew their own sugar-free tea instead of hand-cranked drink, not only flavor glycol, not as light and tasteless as drinking water, a tea can also conjure up a variety of drinking methods, not afraid that you are tired, just afraid that you don’t try it!

Sugar-free low-calorie tea

Sugar-free tea can be said to be the first choice for weight loss, not only low calorie, a variety of different teas also have different beneficial effects on the body, such as oolong tea, theaflavin (Theaflavi) in black tea has a cellulite effect, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis; Green tea contains the most catechins, which help burn fat and boost metabolism.

Spero Tea Biluo Chun tea bags indicate sugar-free low-calorie tea

Spero Tea – Biluo Chun Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Low-calorie tea latte

Black tea fresh milk indicates a low-calorie tea latte

Readers who like milky flavor may wish to try the combination of sugar-free tea and milk to make the taste rich, the taste smoother, and calcium supplement. In addition, replacing milk with soy milk and oat milk into sugar-free tea can not only be more low-calorie, the plant-based protein of soy milk and the dietary fiber in oat milk are very beneficial for weight loss, and you can try these rich and mellow low-calorie combinations when ordering a hand-cranked cup or homemade low-calorie tea latte!

To make your best low-calorie tea latte, check out this:

Milk tea control must learn! Experts teach recipes, fragrant and rich red jade fresh milk tea is simple and does not fail!

In addition to healthy, low-calorie, brewing sugar-free tea by yourself also has the advantages of easy to carry, and friends who want to try to see homemade low-calorie tea can first go to the official website of Spero Tea to do a tea quiz to understand and see the flavor tea they want.

People who don’t like to drink sugar-free tea, adding honey to black tea not only enhances sweetness, but also reduces sugar calories. Honey black tea can help refresh, nourish the stomach, detoxify, is a low-calorie drink for women’s beauty and beauty, is also very suitable for students, office workers to drink to maintain vitality, if you can’t quit sugar drinks for a while, you may wish to start the road to drinking tea with honey black tea!


The happy time of afternoon tea can not be destroyed by high-calorie worries, after reading this low-calorie afternoon tea selection recommendation, decide how to match your low-calorie afternoon tea combination? Spero Tea has launched a series of triangular three-dimensional tea bags that are convenient for office workers to brew, which are light and easy to carry, and you can enjoy freshly brewed natural tea in the office.

Let the aroma of tea fill the air, accompany you through the afternoon in the office, light and burden-free healthy choice, choose the low-calorie tea drink launched by Spero Tea!

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