Ignite your metabolism “Eat non-fat snacks – jelly”! 5 steps to make homemade low-calorie jelly


Most children and adults love the jelly with a super Q taste, but most of the jellies on the market are high-calorie foods and it is easy to gain weight. Simple Q Jelly Nutrition Full Score!!!

What to do? Don’t worry, Spero Tea teaches everyone to make homemade weight loss jelly, which is simple and fast to make by yourself.

The tea we want to share with you this time, the tea used in the jelly that we want to share with you this time, is that we chose Taiwan’s unique tea variety oolong-jin xuan

Instead of the jasmine green tea commonly used, the tea jelly turquoise crystal color, with the characteristic fragrance of Jinxuan – a faint osmanthus fragrance plus a tender milk aroma, dig a small sip with a spoon, you can feel its Q bomb, taste in the mouth, sweet and delicious taste, cold and soft and refreshing.

The materials used are selected as the base for tea jelly, which is rich in dietary fiber, which helps intestinal peristalsis to supplement the problem of poor bowel movements caused by insufficient intake of vegetables and fruits (dietary fiber) in modern people, and the use of erythritol as a substitute for the general commercially available refined sugar, reducing the doubts of excessive sugar intake, adults and children and friends who are losing weight are all fond of it!

Jinxuan oolong tea 】 What are the benefits~ What are the powerful ingredients? It’s up to Spero Tea experts to tell you!


1 : Oolong tea contains polyphenols and catechins that can reduce the absorption of intestinal sugars and fats, remove greasy and degreasy, and also help digestion.

2 : The polyphenols contained in oolong tea have the effect of inhibiting the production of tartar enzymes, if there is no way to brush your teeth after meals, you can choose to drink oolong tea to improve oral hygiene and reduce the chance of tooth decay.

3 : The ghrelin in oolong tea, also known as “tea hunger”, can improve appetite, make tea drinkers feel hungry, and therefore promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. Under the action of tea hunger, the body operation is activated, although the stomach is hungry, but it will not increase the amount of food, so it is not afraid of eating too much and becoming fat.

4 : It can inhibit adipose tissue proliferation, promote cell metabolism, and reduce annoying fat accumulation.

Ingredients necessary to prepare homemade Q bomb delicious jelly :

1 : Cold Powder 4g + 280ml Hot Water

2 : Erythritol 18g

3 : Golden Xuan Oolong Loose Tea 10g + 200ml Hot Water

4 : Jelly mold 1 or more



The production process of Jinxuan oolong tea jelly :

1 : Cold weather powder and erythritol, add to a small bowl.

2 : Add 400ml of water to a pot and boil, slowly add cold weather powder and phycoitol/monk fructose in parts, stir and dissolve for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat. (Pour a whole bowl of cold weather powder at once, there may be large lumps)! )

P.S cold weather powder must be above 80~90 degrees C in hot water to have a way to solidify, otherwise it cannot be solidified before reaching this temperature.

Replacing gelatin powder with cold weather powder indicates weight loss jelly



3 : Brew tea leaves in 200ml hot water. (Speed up the brewing of the tea to give it flavor).


4 : Pour the brewed Jinxuan oolong tea into the cold weather powder pot and mix together, then pour it into the model after stirring.


5 : After turning off the heat, pour into the mold and use a tablespoon to remove the bubbles. (Cold weather flour will appear a little foamy when stirred, and the bubbles will be fished out to make the appearance look more delicious).


6 : Let cool at room temperature and refrigerate for 1~2 hours to enjoy!

**Enjoy with some honey and yogurt fruit for added flavor! **

The difference between DIY jelly and commercially available jelly :

Generally, commercial jelly is more acceptable in taste, and a lot of additives may be added, and the addition of preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, etc. makes the jelly actually non-nutritious.

Homemade jelly can be made according to your mood with different flavors of tea, and tea is selected from tea sellers who have passed pesticide inspection, so that you can eat safely and healthily!!!

Homemade jelly is not so bright in color and not too sweet, but without refined sugar, artificial colors and flavors, at least it reduces the chemical burden on the body, after all, it is always bad.

Let’s make a quick 5-minute Jin Xuan oolong tea jelly with us!!

Precautions for homemade Jinxuan oolong tea jelly :

1 : The body of tea jelly is divided into four ways [A. plant-based “Geely T”], [B. Animal “Gelatin”], [C. Gelatin “Tablets”], [D. Use watercress powder (vegetable swallow powder)], each has different ways of use, and the finished product has a different taste, after choosing the material that suits you, start to make it!

2 : Since no preservatives are added, it is best to refrigerate and eat as soon as possible. (Recommended for 3~5 days during the tasting period).

3 : To make a clear and transparent tea jelly, great care must be taken to avoid bubbles and residual cold particles.

4 : If you are very concerned about the beauty of the finished product, it is recommended to remove the foam on it and scoop it into the mold, which will be more beautiful. Contaminate. Thoroughly clean surfaces that come into contact with raw eggs and utensils used to handle raw eggs.

5 : The taste and sweetness can be adjusted according to each individual’s preference!

The above is a complete homemade healthy and delicious anthocyanin tea egg teaching steps, prepare the ingredients step by step, want to eat healthy and rest assured that you can also do it at home!

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us. Thanks for reading