Using this tea to boil tea eggs is actually more delicious than those sold by supermarkets!



It is easy to get started the first time, and people with little cooking experience do not have to be afraid to cook dark dishes, and the simple tea eggs are full of nutrition!!!

Tea eggs are a breakfast or snack for many people, and it is also the best source of protein for exercisers and weight loss people.

The aroma of tea eggs is full of light rose fragrance, and the bite is full of the unique calm woody aroma and honey sweetness of purple bud camellia.

Soy sauce uses sugar-free soy sauce, and the use of erythritol as a substitute for the general commercially available refined sugar, reducing sodium content and excessive sugar intake are very popular with those who are losing weight!!!!!

Come and follow us to make tea eggs simply~~

Ziya camellia] is the tea with the highest concentration of anthocyanins among the six major tea categories, let’s find out what are the benefits of anthocyanins !

1 : Strong antioxidant capacity: help remove free radicals in the body, protect cells from harmful substances, and also have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

2 : Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

3 : Increase night vision: It can promote the growth of the photosensitive substance “ rhodopsin ” of the eye, which can improve our sensitivity to light, make images clearer, and improve dark vision.

4 : Maintain brain health Improve memory: It can protect cranial nerves from oxidation, stabilize brain tissue function, protect the brain from harmful chemicals, and help protect brain nerves, thereby improving memory.

Black tea can promote metabolism, increase circulation, and have many benefits such as beauty and beauty

Ingredients for preparing homemade delicious tea eggs:

1 : Eggs: 5~10pcs

2 : Purple Bud Camellia tea: 3/4 3 meter cup (8g)

3 ) Soy sauce: 1 cup rice (180ml)

4 ) Sugar: 1 tsp (about 4g)

5: 1 halogen pack

6 : Water: 720ml Flooded eggs (about 4 cups in rice cups) **The size of the pot for personal use is different, mainly flooded eggs**

(Note) The above materials can be purchased in supermarkets, and the marinated bags are the tea egg marinated bags and meat marinated bags sold in supermarkets ~ feel free!

The production process of tea eggs :

1 : Brush the eggs with clean water. (Everyone knows where eggs are born from chickens, if you don’t brush them clean, the marinade will be contaminated, and it’s not good to eat them!) )

2 : Knock the washed egg evenly on the surface (This action is to make the marinade taste evenly dyed, remember to be even, do not knock the egg too hard, to avoid bursting caused by the cooking process, so it is not good-looking!) )

3 : Add the tea leaves, sugar, spices (marinated bags) and soy sauce to a pot and stir well.

4 : Move the pot into the electric pot, put 2 meters cup of water in the outer pot, and turn on the power.

5 : Cook until the rice cooker switch jumps, at which point scoop up the tea leaves.

6 : It is recommended to soak for another 3-6 hours before eating, it will be more delicious!

** It can also be cooled and packed in a fresh-keeping box, and stored in the refrigerator with the soup. Take one whenever you want to eat it**

Difference between homemade tea eggs and commercially available tea eggs:

Do you eat the tea eggs outside? Not boiled in tea leaves at all? Or is there chemical flavoring?

Generally, some commercially available tea eggs are labeled with the use of “tea extract”, and there are doubts about whether they really use raw tea leaves for extraction, whether the tea used for extraction contains pesticides, whether there is an inspection report, whether the manufacturing extraction process is clean and non-toxic, and sodium content intake.

Homemade tea eggs can be made according to your mood to choose different flavors of tea, tea leaves choose tea sellers with pesticide inspection passed, the soy sauce used can choose thin salt to reduce sodium intake, you can eat safe and healthy!!!

Tea eggs made with us have the dual benefits of weight loss + anthocyanins!

・ Precautions for homemade tea eggs :

1 : After the tea eggs are cooked, you must pay attention to the fact that they cannot be out of the pot quickly, you should turn off the heat and cover the pot, so that the boiled tea eggs can be soaked in the soup for a longer time, so that the tea eggs in the pot can taste as soon as possible.

2 : When cooking tea eggs at home, you should also pay attention to the boiled tea eggs can not be pickled for a long time, and should be consumed in a short time.

3 : Avoid eating raw or inthoroughly cooked eggs and egg products, especially for the elderly, infants and pregnant women. Eggs should be thoroughly cooked, and the yolks and egg whites are completely set.

4 : Avoid cross-contamination of raw eggs with other foods. Thoroughly clean surfaces that come into contact with raw eggs and utensils used to handle raw eggs.

The above is a complete homemade healthy and delicious anthocyanin tea egg teaching steps, prepare the ingredients step by step, want to eat healthy and rest assured that you can also do it at home!

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us. Thanks for reading

The tea used in the tea eggs we want to share with you this time is that we chose the unique tea variety of Taiwan , Ziya Mountain Tea