【Sweet and slightly sour-dried fruit tea bags】 Orange pineapple apple black tea

Unit Price: NT$65NT$349

The precious and irreplaceable legend of Taiwan’s Shanlinxi Alpine Sweet Water – honey-flavored black tea, rich in taste and variety, allows you to feel the zero-added dried fruit black tea bags dancing on the tip of your tongue!

Honey black tea, in addition to paying attention to the taste of black tea, but also enhance its elegant fragrance quality, this tea is suitable for both cold and hot drinks, especially cold drinks, honey fragrance is more mellow!

Insist on 100% additive-free! Present the original flavor of fruit to everyone!
Craftsmen are hand-dried at low temperature
Sugar-free, salt-free, preservative-free, coloring-free and flavor-free, giving you only the most natural fruit aroma!