Handmade by craftsmen – dried star fruit 50g [sharing bag]

Unit Price: NT$109

Insist on 100% additive-free! Present the original flavor of fruit to everyone!
Pure manual low-temperature drying
Sugar-free, salt-free, preservative-free, coloring-free and flavor-free, giving you only the most natural fruit aroma!

It can be brewed, it can be eaten immediately, and two wishes can be fulfilled 💛💛 at once

Taiwan Zhuolan star fruit, star fruit looks like a star, also known as “star fruit”, star fruit skin is thin golden appearance, cut into a star shape, the taste is unique, crisp, sweet, juicy and full!
No additives allow you to taste the sweetness and aroma of star fruit, crisp and juicy!

● All are freshly made, and each pack contains food-grade oxygen absorber to keep it fresh.
● Due to the different production seasons of each fruit, there is a slight difference in sweetness and sourness, size, color, etc., and the goods are subject to the actual product.
● This product does not contain preservatives and artificial colors, and the “browning” on the surface is a natural phenomenon, so it can be refrigerated and stored if you want to avoid it.

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