Handmade by craftsmen – dried kiwifruit 45g [sharing package]

Unit Price: USD4.00

Insist on 100% additive-free! Present the original flavor of fruit to everyone!
Pure manual low-temperature drying
Sugar-free, salt-free, preservative-free, coloring-free and flavor-free, giving you only the most natural fruit aroma!

It can be brewed, it can be eaten immediately, and two wishes can be fulfilled 💛💛 at once

🥝 Imported kiwifruit is selected, the nutritional value of kiwifruit is high in calories but very low, and the whole slice with skin is dried at low temperature to retain most of the original fiber, minerals and vitamins of kiwifruit and its nutritional value.
● Golden kiwifruit is rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, and the taste is sweet and slightly sour!
Green kiwifruit has high content of vitamin A, dietary fiber, calcium, and a sour taste, which is suitable for friends who like to eat acid!