Handmade by craftsmen – dried dragon fruit 80g [sharing bag]

Unit Price: NT$190NT$539

Insist on 100% additive-free! Present the original flavor of fruit to everyone!
Pure manual low-temperature drying
Sugar-free, salt-free, preservative-free, coloring-free and flavor-free, giving you only the most natural fruit aroma!

It can be brewed, it can be eaten immediately, and two wishes can be fulfilled 💛💛 at once

The red flesh dragon fruit is selected, the red dragon fruit has high sweetness and rich aroma, and the whole slice is dried at low temperature, locking in the nutrition and deliciousness layer by layer, and the unique crispy taste is fascinating.
● All are freshly made, and each pack contains food-grade oxygen absorber to keep it fresh.
● Due to the different production seasons of each fruit, there is a slight difference in sweetness and sourness, size, color, etc., and the goods are subject to the actual product.
● This product does not contain preservatives and artificial colors, and the “browning” on the surface is a natural phenomenon, so it can be refrigerated and stored if you want to avoid it.