What is Light Baked Oolong? Best Drink at Work “Light Roasted Oolong”

Shanlinxi light-roasted oolong tea is a low-caffeine work drink loved by office workers, and enjoying light-roasted oolong tea in busy work brings the pure energy of Shanlinxi and natural farming methods, and every sip of tea soup allows the body and mind to be naturally nourished. SperoTea will take you from the root of the environment and variety to the tea making method of the worker, and deeply understand the light roasted oolong that is the favorite of office workers.

What is the growth environment of Shanlinxi Light Roasted Oolong?

The tea garden indicates that the light roasted oolong tea of Shanlinxi is characterized by the local temperature difference, soft soil and mountain wind, and the unique tea garden conditions

Shanlinxi is located in Zhushan Town, Nantou County, from the Xitou Forest Recreation Area along the Shanlinxi Highway to Shanlinxi Forest, along the way from about 1150 altitude to 2000 meters above, soil sand cascading, red and yellow soil interlaced suitable for growing tea, so that the tea garden bushes are scattered on both sides of the sunny valley, surrounded by alpine water sources and Liaoxi water system is densely surrounded, the water quality is sweet and pure, and the aroma of Shanlinxi fir is elegant and rich, with the mist filling the tea garden, nourishing pieces of tea, making Shanlinxi alpine tea world-famous.

SperoTea light roasted oolong carefully selected at an altitude of 1600 to 1700 meters above sea level Shanlinxi alpine tea to make light roasted oolong, is the best natural environmental resources in the tea garden along the Shanlinxi Highway, and is closer to the sunny windward of Shanlinxi forest, temperature difference, soft soil and mountain wind, the unique tea garden conditions lay the flavor of Spero Tea light roasted oolong.

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Light roasted oolong variety alpine tea green heart oolong

The tea tree diagram shows that the green heart oolong is thick and soft, and the pectin is rich

In the poem> of Shan Zheng Ao’s< tea, “The young buds are fragrant and spiritual, I call the grass in the English”, which precisely describes the fresh purple buds and tea properties of the lightly roasted oolong variety Qingxin oolong .

The SperoTea light roasted oolong variety comes from the Qingxin oolong in alpine tea. Tea trees have three joys: like cold, like clouds and mist mountains, and half daylight, and the mountains above a thousand meters in Taiwan just meet the preferences of tea plants. The mountains retain the clouds and mist from the island monsoon, and the tea trees are surrounded and immersed in them, sealing the flavor of the weather and terrain between the veins; If the tea plant has too much sunlight, the caffeine produced is relatively much and theophylline, which makes the tea soup more astringent than sweet, and the alpine afternoon clouds gather in the right sunshine, just the photosynthesis reduces the production of caffeine and theophylline, so that the tea is full of sweetness; In addition, the tea tree loves cold, and the slow growth makes the green heart oolong, which is already thicker and softer, and thus the pectin is richer.

Therefore, the light roasted oolong made of alpine green heart oolong, low caffeine and low theophylline, eliminating the worry of drinking tea palpitations and sleeplessness, replacing the high-caffeine flat earth tea or Vietnamese tea in the hand-cranked drinking shop with alpine tea light roasted oolong, and can be brewed several times, is the reason why office workers love SperoTea light roasted oolong.

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Learn about light roasting techniques from low caffeine light roasting oolong

The roasting in the tea-making process indicates that the caffeine in the tea leaves decreases with roasting

The factors that affect the amount of caffeine in the light roasted oolong tea body, in addition to the altitude when growing tea, the roasting and fermentation in the tea making process are also very important. After picking, tea is divided into unfermented tea, partially fermented tea, and fully fermented tea according to the tea processing system of the Committee of Agriculture.

Unfermented teas such as green tea, fully fermented teas such as black tea. Some fermented teas pay the most attention to the tea making method and tea quality, and present different tea soup flavors according to the degree of fermentation, among which unroasted teas are: alpine oolong, oriental beauty , and teas that need to be roasted are: light roasted oolong, frozen top oolong, iron guanyin , red oolong, all roasted ball oolong.

The caffeine in the tea will decrease with roasting, and the higher the roasting degree, the stronger the color of the tea soup and the less caffeine. However, SperoTea low-roasted light roasted oolong is made from alpine tea, and the caffeine has been less than that of flatland tea, and in addition to reducing the caffeine content of light-roasted oolong again, it enhances the sweetness of the tea soup, while retaining the original natural taste of alpine tea.

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Natural energy of light roasted oolong

A hundred years ago, Mr. Shigeyoshi Okada of Japan first proposed that human cultivation of crops should break the “loss of fertilizer”, and replace pesticides and organic fertilizers with fertilizers gifted by nature such as deciduous hay to nourish the land, which can reduce pests and reduce the losses caused by natural disasters in the long run. The advent of natural farming has prompted modern agriculture to abandon chemistry and return to nature, and although the process of raising the land and cultivating the land is extremely difficult, the high-quality results of the harvest are gratifying.

Adhering to the belief of finding good low-caffeine tea for office workers, SperoTea has launched the alpine natural farming method of light roasted oolong, bringing you the natural and beautiful taste of the mountains to you who are rushing to work and busy life.

Natural farming method light roasted oolong, no pesticides and no artificial fertilizer, will firmly absorb 100% of the natural essence in front of you, so that every hard working office worker can increase the soft and warm inner energy due to the light roasted oolong tea soup.

The difference between SperoTea light roasted oolong

At your desk, conference table, or even on the sofa after dinner, drink a cup of SperoTea lightly roasted oolong, let the aroma of tea soup fill the mouth and nose, because the sweet top of popcorn produced by light roasting and the tail rhyme of maple sugar are intertwined after entering the throat. Lightly roasted oolong tea soup is degreasy, low caffeine gently stimulates the central nervous system, just refreshes and improves metabolism. Watch the tea leaves stretch and float in the soup, and also recharge your batteries before the transition to meet the next challenge.

SperoTea Light Roasted Creek Oolong Special Loose Tea means that Light Roasted Oolong Tea can be brewed using tea/loose tea

SperoTea, light roasted oolong, specially selected loose tea


In the busy days of every day, when you want to catch your breath, drink a cup of SperoTea light roasted oolong, and be healed by the scenery of Shanlinxi tea garden in the tea soup, just as the Taiwanese poet Xiang Yang wrote: “The fields illuminated by the fire golden gu holding up the lamp, the bamboo forest, the vast fog and the mountain pu, are like a stream whispering softly”, let the light roasted oolong tea soup accompany you to enjoy this moment< when the world falls quietly>.

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