The emerging dark horse in the oolong tea industry: unique color and aroma create Taiwanese red oolong tea!

Taiwan’s new generation of tea has a wide range of types, red oolong tea can be said to be one of the special, red oolong taste combined with the ripe fruit honey aroma of black tea, and the roasting aroma of oolong tea, its tea soup clear red color, is even more praised. Red oolong tea belongs to the emerging tea species, although not as well-known as other oolong tea lines, but those who have tasted the taste of red oolong have turned into loyal fans of red oolong!

Here’s what is red oolong tea? As well as the taste of red oolong, brewing method, production process, etc., you will fall in love with this special new good tea after reading!

What is Red Oolong Tea?

Red oolong tea is a new generation of oolong tea cultivated in Taiwan, and it is also the most heavily roasted red oolong tea at present. Red oolong is slightly different from the traditional oolong tea process, using a heavy roasting method, using the fermentation method of black tea with the stir-fried essence method of oolong tea, so that red oolong retains the characteristics of black tea and oolong tea, although the tea soup is clear and red, the taste is sweet and smooth.

Red oolong tea was originally cultivated in Taitung Branch of the Tea Improvement Farm of the Committee of Agriculture, originally in order to break through the planting dilemma of tea areas at medium and low altitudes, so the tea harvested in summer and autumn was made into heavily fermented oolong tea, because its tea soup was bright and clear, with a reddish tinge, so it was named “red oolong”.

Red oolong tea origin

The origin of red oolong tea is located in the Fulu Tea District of Taitung County, since the 1960s, the Fulu Tea District began to grow tea in small quantities, and in recent years, the tea improvement farm has implemented the “Knowledge Seed Tea” to guide local tea farmers in agricultural transformation and develop new varieties of tea plants, and in 2008, Red Oolong was officially launched.
Red oolong tea is mostly made of a tea plant called “Bigleaf Oolong”, also known as Taicha No. 2, which is one of the four famous species during the Japanese occupation. Big-leaf oolong is currently planted more intensively in the Maizuru tea area of Hualien County, and the figure of big-leaf oolong can also be seen in tea gardens everywhere, and the red oolong tea of SperoTea is from the Shanlinxi tea area of Nantou.

Red oolong tea specialties

Red oolong tea can be said to be unique compared with other teas in terms of color, taste or tea process, and the price of red oolong tea is closer to the people than the general alpine oolong tea due to the improvement of technology, and it is also the first choice for many people.
Here are four features of red oolong tea:

Black-brown hemispherical tea

One of the characteristics of red oolong tea is black and brown hemispherical tea

Red oolong tea belongs to the hemispherical type of baochong tea, its leaves are hemispherical and tightly knotted when made, the color of the tea leaves is black and brown luster, and after brewing with water, the edges of the tea leaves have a beautiful amber color, which echoes with the clear red tea soup, which is pleasing to the eye.

Bright red tea soup

One of the characteristics of red oolong with clear red tea soup is its tea soup color

In addition to the taste of red oolong tea, another major feature is this intriguing clear red tea soup, red oolong tea because of the retention of the fermentation method of black tea in the process, so the tea soup also presents a red and luster similar to black tea, packed in a transparent container crystal clear, so many people will especially use cold brewing, in the summer looks particularly refreshing.

Full-bodied fruity tea

The taste of red oolong tea has the aroma of ripe fruit, the tea is thick and smooth, not only will there be the heavy ripe taste of ordinary roasted oolong tea, but it pays attention to the light ripe aroma. In addition to allowing people to enjoy the color and taste the aroma of tea, red oolong tea can also have a new layer of lightness and sweetness when drinking tea.

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Re-bake and re-ferment

As mentioned above, red oolong tea is the most fermented and roasted oolong tea in Taiwan, but the characteristics of high-quality tea are here, even after heavy roasting and heavy fermentation, red oolong tea still tastes fragrant, not heavy taste and makes people feel the smooth and mellow tea soup, which is a major innovation in oolong tea.

Red oolong tea effect

Although red oolong has been re-fermented and re-roasted, it still retains the benefits and benefits of oolong tea:

  • Antioxidant
    Oolong tea is second only to green tea and contains sub-catechuanachins.
    Catechins have antioxidant effects, which can scavenge free radicals in the human body and help reduce the possibility of cancer cell proliferation; In addition, catechins can also help lower blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
One of the effects of red oolong is antioxidant and helps prevent cardiovascular disease

Red oolong tea brewing method

In addition to the sweet taste of oolong tea, the special clear black tea soup of red oolong tea can show beautiful color through cold brewing!

The SperoTea cold brew combination means red oolong is also very suitable for cold brewing

▲ SperoTea cold brew combination | cold brew tea kettle + tea bag

When brewing red oolong tea hot, the amount of tea can be reduced by one-third compared with the general tea, and slightly shorten the brewing time, other in the water temperature and brewing tea order, no special adjustment, whether it is to tea bags to brew quickly, or to loose tea to fully enjoy the tea time, the taste of red oolong tea is very good, if you want to understand the complete tea brewing set and tea brewing steps, you can refer to this: tea brewing knowledge! The most detailed 5 steps to brew tea to brew back to sweet tea.


After reading the introduction of red oolong, do you really want to brew yourself to see this clear red oolong tea with a heavy roasting aroma? Many oolong teas have their own characteristics, red oolong tea can be said to be the most unique one, whether as a gift or for self-use tea is very suitable, want to carry with you easy to brew red oolong tea bags, you can go to the official website of SperoTea to choose and buy!

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