Sweet aroma that can be encountered: honey black tea brewing method, production process is open!

Honey-scented black tea tea is sweet, with a honey-like sweetness, and because of the scarcity of production, it always attracts many people to flock to buy. However, why can’t honey-scented black tea be mass-produced? What are the unique matching characteristics of honey-scented black tea? Take a look at this introduction to honey-fragrant black tea to understand your curiosity about honey-fragrant black tea!

What is honey-scented black tea?

When introducing honey-scented black tea, it is inevitable to mention its special production method.

The raw material of honey-fragrant black tea is the bud tea of various oolong teas, but why does it have honey aroma and make black tea? Honey fragrance comes from visitors in the tea garden – small green leafhoppers, after being sucked by small green leafhoppers, the tea will have a sweet aroma like honey, and small green leafhoppers are not tea farmers put into the tea garden, but naturally appear in the tea garden, so only the tea garden that is naturally cultivated and pesticide-free has the opportunity to be visited by the small green leafhopper and can make honey-fragrant black tea.

At the beginning, the little green leafhopper was regarded as an insect pest, but in the small green leafhopper in the tea improvement field Taitung Branch to harm the tea essence manufacturing experiment, it found a new direction of development, and then produced a series of “honey fragrant tea”, which became a new flavor of Taiwanese tea! Honey-scented black tea, on the other hand, focuses on improving the disadvantage of black tea aroma, and ferments and lightly roasts the bud tea smoked by the small green leafhopper in the way of making black tea, giving birth to honey-fragrant black tea with a full honey aroma and an equally attractive taste.

Honey-scented black tea origin

The emergence of honey-fragrant black tea is derived from the experiment of the Taitung branch of the tea improvement field, and the Huadong area is also the largest producer of honey-fragrant tea, which can produce about 20,000 jin a year, which can be said to be the birthplace of honey-fragrant black tea.

Honey fragrant black tea is not only produced in specific regions, but is made of oolong tea leaves that have been sucked by small green leafhoppers as raw materials, and then processed, and is called honey fragrant tea with its honey fragrance. For example, the honey-fragrant black tea of SpeoTea is alpine oolong tea from Shanlinxi, in addition to the honey aroma created by the small green leafhopper, the tea also has the unique fresh mountain atmosphere of Shanlinxi, and then made into honey-fragrant black tea, its taste can be said to be more layered.

Honey-scented black tea specialties

Honey aroma

The honey-fragrant black tea soup shows the characteristics of honey-fragrant black tea as the aroma and color

Honey black tea, as the name suggests, the biggest feature is its sweet aroma, you can smell the sweet aroma and cane aroma like honey when smelling, and the tea soup has the taste of ripe fruit, is a tea with a floral and fruity aroma. Honey-scented black tea is not only sweet and fragrant in aroma and taste, the tea soup is bright and clear, and the feeling of the tea soup in the mouth is rich in gum, mellow sliding in, and swirling between the mouths, not astringent or tasteless, but sweet and fragrant.

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Suitable for matching

Honey-scented black tea has an excellent aroma and soup taste, so it is the first choice for many ingredients when mixing tea. For example, making honey-scented black tea mixology, honey-fragrant black tea with milk, etc., or making fruit tea, as a special hand-shaker cup base tea. The following will recommend a few ways to match honey-fragrant black tea, interested friends may wish to make it yourself!

Low yield

If you want to produce honey-fragrant black tea, the first condition is to cultivate tea plants without using pesticides and using natural farming methods; In addition, whether a tea garden can produce honey-fragrant black tea can only be seen whether the little green leafhopper will visit the tea garden and have a full meal. Therefore, the birth of honey-fragrant tea leaves cannot be completely carried out in a manual way, which means that honey-fragrant black tea is destined to be unable to be produced in large quantities, but the natural honey-fragrant black tea that can be bought and drunk must be high-quality and good tea without pesticide addition!

Honey-scented black tea effect

Honey aroma black tea is not only full of aroma, its rich ingredients are also helpful to the human body, the following is an introduction to the effects of honey black tea:

Black tea nourishes the spleen and stomach

The catechins in black tea are mostly converted into thearubigins and theaflavins in the production process, so black tea has less stimulation to the stomach and intestines, generally speaking, black tea is warm, nourishes the spleen and stomach, has the effect of degreasing and clearing heat and appetizing, very suitable for drinking after eating greasy or heavy taste food, keeping the body refreshed and reducing gastrointestinal burden.

Caffeine pick-me-up

In addition, the caffeine of black tea is heavier than green tea and oolong tea, which can promote blood circulation, eliminate excess water in the body, prevent edema, and the most important thing is to replace coffee and become a mild refreshing tea.


Black tea has an antioxidant effect, helps reduce oil in the human body, improves arteriosclerosis, and helps prevent cardiovascular disease. However, it should be noted that many black teas on the market add a lot of sugar, it is not advisable to consume too much sugary black tea, and black tea contains caffeine, although it can be refreshing, but those who are sensitive to caffeine should also consider the amount of black tea intake.

Honey-scented black tea brewing method

Honey-scented black tea has a strong aroma, whether it is cold or hot brewing, it is very suitable, and many people also like to appreciate the clear black tea soup of honey-scented black tea, which is particularly pleasing to the eye in a transparent container! In addition, even if honey-scented black tea is brewed many times, the aroma remains undiminished, making it a perfect accompaniment to tea for a long time.

Hot bubbles

Honey-fragrant black tea should be brewed with boiling water, the brewing time does not need to be too long, and it can be slightly cooled down and drunk to allow the tea aroma to be properly dispersed. If you want to fully enjoy the fun of brewing tea and brew a sweet honey-fragrant black tea, you can read this article: Brewing tea is a great learning! The most detailed 5 steps to brew tea to brew back to sweet tea, which completely introduces the tea brewing steps and required tools, for tea brewing and tea tasting beginners to reference.

Cold brew

When honey-fragrant black tea is cold brewed, the tea leaves can be brewed and then left to stand for a period of time to allow the tea leaves to fully diffuse the aroma before drinking. You can also use tea bags or tea makers when you take them with you, and the taste of honey-scented black tea will become more and more dissipated in the water after a long period of steeping.

Use the SperoTea cold brew combination to signal that honey-fragrant black tea is suitable for cold brewing

SperoTea cold brew tea bag combination

Recommended with honey black tea

Honey scented black tea mixology/fruit tea

Mix with a cocktail of honey-scented black tea

Honey black tea has a floral and fruity aroma, and if you want to mix tea wine when mixing, many will make honey black tea with a wine to make honey black tea mixology, or multiple combinations to make honey black tea cocktails; If you are not strong in wine, honey fragrant black tea is also very suitable as a base tea for fruit tea, because the unit price of honey black tea is not low, honey aroma black tea mixology or other pairings are often found in banquet occasions or bars with high spending power, or buy their own materials to prepare and entertain guests, it also has a unique style.

Honey-scented black tea with milk

Honey-scented black tea and milk to signal the honey-scented black tea combination

Black tea and milk are often the best partner combination, full of aromatic honey black tea, with milk to add a smooth milk aroma to the flavor! There is no special ratio of honey fragrant black tea and milk, depending on how much you like the tea flavor or more milky taste, if you want to make a healthy and delicious hand-shaked cup, starting with honey fragrant black tea and milk is a good try!

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The above is an introduction to honey-scented black tea, do you really want to take honey-scented black tea home immediately and taste its sweet aroma? In SperoTea, you can buy high-quality tea directly from the origin, and each tea has its own production and marketing history, so that you can buy with peace of mind and drink happily! If you want to know more about tea types and tea-related issues, you are also welcome to visit SperoTea blogs to see a series of tea articles.

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