Unique mountain atmosphere: 1 article to understand the characteristics and efficacy of Shanlinxi oolong tea

Shanlinxi oolong tea has a special taste, rich tea aroma, with a cold mountain atmosphere, at the same time, the tea soup also has a fragrance of orchid nectar, which is a favorite of many people when choosing alpine tea . Shanlinxi oolong tea not only tastes mellow and sweet, Shanlinxi oolong tea is also the three major high mountain teas in Taiwan alongside Lishan and Alishan, want to know this rich and attractive aroma of Taiwan high mountain tea? This article takes you through all the details of Shanlinxi oolong tea at once!

What is Shanlinxi oolong tea?

Shanlinxi tea is a high mountain tea, most often made into oolong tea, and is famous for retaining a unique local “ mountain atmosphere”.

Shanlinxi oolong tea is a relatively new tea area, originally planted with food crops eaten by residents, and later introduced tea cultivation in the 1970s due to the good soil, climate and water quality conditions of the local area, and is now listed as one of the three major tea areas in the mountains along with Alishan and Lishan.

Shanlinxi oolong tea production area

Shanlinxi Tea Area is located in Nantou Bamboo Mountain, the altitude falls at 1000-1900 meters, the famous tea area includes Yangzi Bend, Longfeng Gorge, etc., the local mountain around Mengzong bamboo and cedar forest, clouds and mist all year round, abundant rainfall, fertile soil. Because it is an alpine environment, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the tea growth period is long, so the tea leaves are thick, full of essence, and the unique environment makes the cold flavor and mountain charm of Shanlinxi oolong tea loved!

Due to the fact that alpine tea leaves need to be picked by hand and the long-term maintenance of tea trees planted in the mountains, the price of alpine tea is probably expensive, and the tea that can be certified and sold by tea farmers is of excellent quality, which is a high-quality tea respected at home and abroad.

Shanlinxi oolong tea features

The most commonly made tea system of Taiwan alpine tea is oolong tea, oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, with both the fragrance of green tea and the roasting aroma of black tea, and alpine oolong tea is less bitter than flat tea, rich in gummy tea leaves brew a smooth taste of tea soup, not only repeated brewing does not reduce the aroma, cold or cold brewing taste is still very sweet.

As an alpine oolong tea, Shanlinxi oolong tea has three characteristics:

Golden yellow

So much so that Xicha Shanlinxi tea soup indicates that one of the characteristics of Shanlinxi tea is its golden yellow color

Shanlinxi oolong tea is a lightly roasted oolong tea, its tea soup is golden in color, looks faintly bright, light and not turbid, and the taste is smooth and sweet without astringency.

Mountain atmosphere

Taking the cedar forest to express a major feature of Shanlinxi oolong tea is the charm of the local mountain

One of the characteristics of Shanlinxi oolong tea is that it retains a distinct “mountain qi”, which refers to the unique smell of local tea formed by each mountain due to different geographical and climatic conditions. Even the same kind of tea plant, planted in different mountains, will give birth to completely different aromas, and the mountain atmosphere of Shanlinxi oolong tea has a hint of flowers, and you can smell the fresh coolness from the mountains, as well as the restrained and full aroma of Shen Zhen.

Orchid nectar fragrance

As soon as Shanlinxi oolong tea is in the mouth, the first feeling is a light orchid aroma, the fragrant flower fragrance rushes into the nasal cavity and throat with the strong tea aroma, and leaves a faint honey fragrance in the tail rhyme, the taste of Shanlinxi oolong tea is not easy to disperse, it can be sweet between the throat, and the teeth and cheeks remain fragrant.

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Shanlinxi oolong tea effect


Shanlinxi oolong tea is second only to green tea and contains sub-polycatechins.
Catechins have antioxidant effects, which can scavenge free radicals in the human body and help reduce the possibility of cancer cell proliferation; In addition, catechins can also help lower blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Aids digestion and prevents tooth decay

Brushing photos to indicate one of the benefits of Shanlinxi tea is to help prevent tooth decay

In addition to helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases, tea polyphenols and catechins in oolong tea have another effect: reduce the absorption of intestinal sugars and fats, help digestion, and stimulate metabolism; And oolong tea also has the effect of improving bad breath and preventing plaque and tooth decay, so many people will choose oolong tea as an after-meal drink.

Drinking has less gastrointestinal harm

Alpine oolong tea, over the general tea has the advantage of drinking too much tea, generally drinking too much tea will affect iron absorption, or gastrointestinal discomfort, but alpine oolong tea although contains catechins and caffeine, but the content is less, replaced by more sugar and gum, drinking smooth taste less bitter, for gastrointestinal and caffeine sensitive people, drinking alpine oolong tea is less likely to have uncomfortable symptoms.

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Shanlinxi oolong tea brewing method

Shanlinxi oolong tea is of excellent quality, whether it is hot or cold brewing, it does not reduce its taste, repeated brewing is not easy to be light and tasteless or too rich, however, the hard-won high-quality good tea, presumably everyone also wants to be cautious, want to understand how to enjoy the fun of making tea, you can refer to this: tea brewing knowledge! The most detailed 5 steps to brew tea back to sweet tea, if you want to take Alpine good tea with you, cold brewed tea, tea bag brewing can also carry alpine tea with you to drink, do not worry about the taste is incomplete, and after many backflushing, the taste is still fresh and sweet!

Spero Tea Shanlinxi Oolong Special Loose Tea means that Shanlinxi Tea Brewing Method can use tea leaves / loose tea

Spero Tea Shanlinxi oolong special loose tea


Shanlinxi tea is not easy to collect, it is precious, and the price of Shanlinxi oolong tea is also higher than that of ordinary tea, so it is more important to choose Shanlinxi tea carefully, and do not spend money as a big head. Shanlinxi tea is recommended to be purchased from Spero Tea, each tea of Spero Tea is directly sent from the origin, including the production and marketing history of natural farming methods, and the purchase is not afraid of the unknown source of tea! Go to the official website of Spero Tea now to buy high-quality Shanlinxi tea!

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