Purple tea leaves are actually more delicious!? 1 article takes you to know Taiwan’s native purple bud camellia

Purple bud camellia made from Taiwan’s native camellia is a rare tea planted in the Sun Moon Lake area, the taste and aroma of purple bud camellia is very special, with woody and floral aromas, because the production is scarce, it has become a good Taiwanese tea for many connoisseurs in the market. However, most people do not know Purple Bud Mountain Tea thoroughly, friends who consider buying Purple Bud Black Tea, welcome to read this introduction to Purple Bud Mountain Tea to understand Purple Bud Mountain Tea in all aspects!

What is Purple Bud Camellia?

Purple bud camellia is a precious tea planted in the Sun Moon Lake area of Nantou, purple bud camellia varieties are made of Taiwan’s native camellia species, rare in number, long history, many tea plants are up to nearly 100 years old.

Purple bud camellia is a fully fermented black tea, which has a calm taste with woody and rose floral aromas, and when the tail rhyme spreads, you can feel the bright sweet aroma jumping in the mouth, which is pleasant.

Purple Bud Mountain origin

: The scene of Sun Moon Lake indicates that the local area is the production area of purple bud mountain tea

The production area of purple bud mountain tea is located in the misty Sun Moon Lake, the area of Sun Moon Lake began to attract attention during the Japanese occupation, believing that the climatic conditions in the place are suitable for cultivating tea plants, and exporting black tea at that time, so Sun Moon Lake has many cultivated tea plants for making black tea leaves, and now our native tea plants used to make purple bud camellia were also discovered and cultivated during this period, even if Japan later withdrew from Taiwan, tea farmers still maintained tea plants, in order to have today’s purple bud camellia.

The area around Sun Moon Lake is full of water vapor and fertile soil, and the local native tea trees have also grown strongly, full of earthly stability, rich in woody and flower and fruit aromas, and purple bud camellia is a very good representative.

Purple bud camellia specialties

Purple bud camellia not only tea color is special, tea soup also has the special flavor of Taiwan’s native tea tree, is a very Taiwanese tea leaf, the following introduces the different characteristics of purple bud camellia in color, aroma and taste:

Purple bud camellia color

Take the purple bud camellia tea leaves to indicate that the color of purple bud camellia is purple

Lu Yu said, “Purple is the top, and the green is secondary.” It does not mean that tea leaves should pick purple best, but that the young buds of some tea plants have a light purple at the tip, and the purple color will gradually fade as the leaves grow. Tea harvested when the leaves are purple has the best flavor.

The same is true of purple bud camellia, the selection of fresh purple young leaves of purple bud camellia, not only the yield is scarce, but also the production schedule needs to be grasped well, in order to retain the special flavor of the shoots.

Purple bud camellia aroma

Use the picture of purple bud camellia to illustrate the aroma of purple bud camellia

Made from the native Camellia sinensis tree in Taiwan, the difference is that Ziya Camellia retains the fragrant flavor of Taiwanese camellia. Purple bud camellia tea soup smells woody, with a light floral and caramel aroma, perfectly retaining the fresh and natural fragrance of Taiwanese mountains, not too bitter and difficult to swallow, not sweet and easy to be boring, but intriguing multi-layered comfortable fragrance.

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Purple bud camellia taste

In addition to the rich aroma, the taste of purple bud camellia is also a thousand turns, the entrance of the tea soup, first of all, the calm woody aroma and floral aroma intertwined to pave the mat, steadily spread a layer of warmth on the tip of the tongue, and then the bright caramel aroma is full, bringing the overall bright taste, making people feel the aroma jumping in the mouth, and staying for a long time, which is endlessly evocative.

Purple bud camellia effect

Purple bud camellia is rich in nutrients much higher than general tea, many doctors to recommend drinking tea, will recommend drinking purple bud camellia, not only rich in nutrition, tea soup for a long time is not easy to bitter, the following introduces what are the effects of purple bud camellia:

Rich in anthocyanins

Purple bud camellia is made from young tea buds, which contain higher anthocyanin content than ordinary tea, which has the effect of helping antioxidants, inhibiting cell mutations and reducing the burden on the liver, which is also helpful for eye care and preventing inflammation of the body.

Black tea nourishes the spleen and stomach

The catechins in black tea are mostly converted into thearubigins and theaflavins in the production process, so black tea has less stimulation to the stomach and intestines, generally speaking, black tea is warm, nourishes the spleen and stomach, has the effect of degreasing and clearing heat and appetizing, very suitable for drinking after eating greasy or heavy taste food, keeping the body refreshed and reducing gastrointestinal burden.

Caffeine pick-me-up

In addition, the caffeine of black tea is heavier than green tea and oolong tea, which can promote blood circulation, eliminate excess water in the body, prevent edema, and the most important thing is to replace coffee and become a mild refreshing tea.

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Purple bud camellia brewing method

Purple bud camellia in the brewing water temperature is about 80 to 95 ° C is the most just right, brewing time does not need to wait too long, and the brewed tea soup is also durable, will not become bitter because of a long time, not only suitable for hot brewing, summer cold brewing is also very suitable!

SperoTea purple bud camellia tea bag represents the purple bud camellia brewing method

SperoTea purple bud camellia original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag

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Purple bud mountain tea has the unique taste of Taiwan camellia, purple bud black tea has outstanding effects, and is also one of the recommended choices for many people’s health tea, and the scarce production makes purple bud black tea a sought-after product in the tea industry! Want to buy high-quality, well-packaged purple bud black tea, Zhixi tea is your best and most convenient choice, in SperoTea , each tea is directly delivered from the place of origin, has its own production and marketing history, so that you can buy with peace of mind, drink happily!

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