Hand-selected nut halva

Unit Price: NT$250NT$1,000Offer Price: NT$149NT$499

【Hand-selected nut halva】

✔️ No fragrance ✔️ No chemical additives ✔️ No preservatives

𖤣Daily nutty black rice fragrance 𖤣Daily nutty white rice fragrance
𖤣Walnut Black Sesame Crisp Candy 𖤣Cashnut Pumpkin Seed Crisp Candy

👉🏻4 kinds of enjoyment once satisfied

✔ Small packaging——— easy to carry around
✔ The clip-on bag is designed ——— maintain a crispy texture
✔Take four flavors together——change flavors at any time according to your mood
✔ The whole family eats together – there is something for everyone

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