Cold brew combo| cold brew tea kettle + lightweight bag

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Spero Tea Portable Cold Brew Bottle Simple and lightweight Large mouth for easy washing

Passed SGS inspection and passed the high quality

| Product Description |
The highly transparent PET material can observe the original tea leaves stretching at any time, and the flavor of the tea soup in the bottle changes
  • Drink 500ml large capacity
  • Lightweight weight of only 52g
  • Made in Taiwan / Designed in Taiwan

Always have a bottle of cold brew tea in the refrigerator, and when you return from outside, it is the healthiest refreshing drink.

Precautions for use
1. Avoid temperatures exceeding 60°C when using
2. Do not pour boiling water directly into it to cause damage.
3. Not suitable for microwave, dishwasher and oven.

Cleaning method
1. Wash with regular water or a mild detergent.
2. Do not use a steel brush for brushing.

Start making your own sweet cold brew tea with Spero Tea now!

How to make cold brew tea?

1. Prepare a 500ml cold brew tea bottle

2. Put 1 bag of tea or 3~4g of tea leaves, pour cold water at room temperature until full

3. Refrigerate for 4 to 8 hours before drinking.

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A cup of 700cc full sugar bubble tea has about 62 grams of sugar; half sugar bubble tea has about 45 grams of sugar; light sugar bubble tea has 40 grams of sugar.

Sugar tends to synthesize lipids in the liver, leading to fatty liver, increases appetite, increases food intake, and leads to weight gain, increases uric acid concentration, and increases the risk of gout. Long-term use can easily increase the risk of various chronic diseases.

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This is our tea value

We want to create

Highest quality tea

Smart tea to drink good tea to help you check the quality of tea

Pesticide residue testing is qualified, health and safety are guaranteed

Pesticide residue testing is qualified, health and safety are guaranteed

Pesticide residue testing is qualified, health and safety are guaranteed

No synthetic chemicals are used in the production process
Genetically Modified Organisms and Products

Shanlinxi Tea Certified 100% Taiwanese Tea
Each tea product contains production and sales history and is delivered directly from the place of origin every season

Natural farming friendly farming
, No pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides are used