[Money Rabbit Like Brocade] Handmade Small Twist Gift Box

Unit Price: NT$497


Spero Tea launched 2O23 limited packaging gift box [money rabbit like brocade] handmade small twist gift box

Share important moments with someone special and be filled with blessings
It is more worthy of special gift recipients

Want to send your blessings to more customers, relatives and friends?
Spero Tea provides the service of sending different addresses to make your blessings not late

money rabbit
|Tea Food Gift Box| Contents Introduction
▪ Handmade small twist, 3 flavors each pack
《Charcoal Flavor》
As soon as you take a mouthful, the tip of the tongue begins to be slightly sweet, mouth-watering, and delicious to the point of desire.
“Seaweed Taste”
Slightly sweet and salty, with the taste of seaweed flakes
Hmm~ It’s the taste of the sea
Salty seaweed with seafood combined with sweet twist rolls
The wonderful savoury and sweet flavor is exciting, and it is delicious enough!
《Sweet and Spicy Taste》
The smell of fragrant hemp that will be slightly numb on the tip of the tongue
People who accept to eat slightly spicy food are highly recommended!

▪ Money Rabbit Like Brocade Exquisite storage box
▪ Delicate carrying bag

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