【Obsidian Gold Diamond】Optional tea gift box – 2 gold diamond iron cans

Unit Price: NT$1,599


Spero Tea Launches 2O23 Limited Gift Box [Obsidian Gold Diamond] Tea Gift Box ( Optional Tea Ceremony )

Share important moments with someone special and be filled with blessings
It is more worthy of special gift recipients

Want to send your blessings to more customers, relatives and friends?
Spero Tea provides the service of sending different addresses to make your blessings not late

Hand-picked and roasted Taiwanese tea, put into textured gold diamond tea pots

Obsidian diamonds
| contents are introduced |
a) Shanlinxi Oolong 100g + Light Roasted Oolong 100g
b) 100g of Milk Yun Jinxuan + 100g of Frozen Oolong
c) 100g of chaise oolong + 100g of light roasted oolong

▪ Obsidian diamond Delicate storage box
▪ Delicate translucent carrying bag
▪ Brewing instructions
▪ Packaging: The outer bag is made of pure aluminum foil, which effectively blocks the effect of sunlight and air and reduces the smell of tea leaves in the bag
▪ Retention period: 2 years

heavy giftEnrich your quality life,Start by finding your favorite tea

To enrich your texture life, start from finding your favorite tea

Heavy gift|Enrich your quality life
Start by finding your favorite tea

brewing method

Hot bubbles

Cover the bottom of the teapot, add 200~300ml of hot water at 95~100℃
Wait 90 seconds for the first brew; 60 seconds for the second brew
Add 30 seconds each time after the 3rd bubble

Cold brew

Ratio Tea 1g: Boiled water 100ml
Add 350c.c ~ 500c.c room temperature boiled water
Put in the refrigerator and wait for 6~8 hours before serving

Spero Tea Peace of Mind Declaration

We want to create

Highest quality tea

Smart tea to drink good tea to help you check the quality of tea

Pesticide residue testing is qualified, health and safety are guaranteed
Pesticide residue testing is qualified, health and safety are guaranteed
Pesticide residue testing is qualified, health and safety are guaranteed
The production process does not use synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms and products

Shanlinxi Tea Certified 100% Taiwanese Tea
Each tea product contains production and sales history and is delivered directly from the place of origin every season

Natural farming friendly farming
, No pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides are used