How does Biluo Spring Green Tea taste? Learn about the characteristics and brewing methods of Taiwan Biluochun in one article!

Biluo Chun has been the first choice for tea gifts for many years, and its tea soup is clear and transparent in color, rich in aroma and layered, and the appearance of covering Bai Hao is more noble. However, after hearing about its name, how much do you know about Biluo Chun?

Before choosing tea as a gift or for your own use, you may wish to understand what Biluo Chun tea is, and the taste and characteristics of Biluo Chun!

What is Biluo Chun?

Biluo Chun, originating from the shore of Dongting Taihu Lake, originally had a frightening allusion, because the tea plant has absorbed the floral fragrance of the surrounding plants for many years, and the special climate of the lakeside, forming a fragrant to shocking, with floral aroma of tea, so for many years have been called “scary fragrance”, until the Kangxi period, Kangxi Southern Tour first tasted Biluo Chun tea, greatly amazing, frightening people but still vulgar, so it was given the name “Biluo Chun”.

The tea plant variety of Taiwan Biluo Spring Green Tea is unique to the Three Gorges area of the native tea tree Qingxin mandarin, with spring and winter harvested one heart and two leaf shoots, the picked young leaves without fermentation and oxidation, directly a short time high temperature killing, inhibit enzyme activity, prevent tea oxidation reaction, so the color is bright green.

After brewing, the taste is sweeter and softer than ordinary green tea, and its aroma, color and quality are comparable to those of Dongting Biluo Chun.

Biluo Spring Green Tea Efficacy

Biluochun belongs to green tea, unfermented tea, green tea is the six major tea types of tea that retain the most catechins, the higher the catechin content, the better the antioxidant capacity, the antioxidant function of green tea can help remove free radicals in the human body, reduce the risk of cancer, and improve blood lipids, blood sugar exceeding standards, help lower blood pressure, prevent the risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease.

Green tea is also a low-caffeine drink, which can also reduce the absorption of sugars and fatty foods, promote metabolism, and lower blood cholesterol levels, so it is often used as a handshaker replacement drink for weight loss.

However, any drink must be properly drunk without excess, about 600C.C. of the daily water intake of about 2000C.C. Tea is a relatively good amount, in addition to drinking tea, water replenishment is also indispensable.

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Taiwan Biluochun origin

The Three Gorges area is Taiwan’s most famous source of Biluo Chun, and because of its hilly terrain and humid climate, it is an excellent location for planting Biluo Chun. Early Three Gorges Biluo Spring is known as “Haishan Green Tea”, is the heart of many soldiers who came to Taiwan after the restoration of Taiwan, the original Japanese occupation period Taiwan to grow black tea export mainly, time has changed, a variety of tea drinking customs gradually flourished, after trying and improving, the development of the best quality tea plants and tea leaves adapted to the topography and climate of the place, and the pride of the Three Gorges is the Three Gorges area unique green heart citrus made of Three Gorges Biluo Chun, Three Gorges is Taiwan’s only remaining fried green tea production area.

Biluo Chun specialty

Biluo Chun tea is commonly known as “four absolutes”: beautiful shape, bright color, strong aroma and mellow taste.

Shape beauty

Biluo Chun tea leaves represent the beauty of Biluo Spring tea leaves

Three Gorges Biluo Chun tea leaves are carefully picked and selected, only when the tea plant will grow into one heart and three leaves, pick the young shoots of one heart and two leaves, manually remove excess petioles and poor quality yellow leaves, and leave the tea leaves in the best condition to stir-fry into Biluo Chun. The appearance of Biluo Chun tea leaves is cord-shaped, slightly curled like a snail, and the surface is covered with beautiful white beans that can only be retained by artificial stir-frying, making Biluo Chun Tea look cute and noble.


Biluo Chun tea means Biluo Chun Tea soup is colorful

The tea soup of Biluo Chun Green Tea is most loved for its clear, transparent and bright, the tea soup is clear and transparent, showing a faint turquoise color, Biluo Chun tea itself presents a slightly transparent appearance, like the tea soup brewed, transparent and light but actually rich and mellow, visually giving people unburdened enjoyment, but can swallow a variety of levels of aroma when tasting.


Biluo Chun Tea indicates the strong fragrance of Biluo Chun Tea

Spero Tea – Biluo Chun Specially selected loose tea

The tea leaves of Dongting Biluo Spring have become the representative of flower-scented tea because they absorb the aroma of surrounding flowers, fruits and trees for many years, and the tea aroma layer of Three Gorges Biluo Spring is even richer! Savor it and feel the smell of authentic matcha, the aroma of nori seaweed, the light fragrance of pasture, the thick crispness of bean kernels, the sweetness of sugarcane, and various layers of flavor, you need to take time to smell carefully and feel the rich flavor absorbed by the tea leaves during the growth process.

Pure taste

After tasting the tea soup, the taste of Biluo Spring is even more fragrant, pure and sweet. If its tea soup seems light, just as the soup base of the old shop has been boiled for a long time, not only the soup is rich, rich in taste, but also clear in color, and Biluo Chun is the same, the tea has accumulated a long time of full aroma into the water, the essence accumulates, a sip, as if you can see how the tea absorbs the essence of the sun and the moon and comes here again.

Biluo spring brewing method

Illustrate the method of brewing Biluo Chun tea with Biluo Chun tea

Speeo Tea – Biluo Chun Original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

Biluo Chun is green tea, the water temperature does not need to be too high when brewing green tea, it is better to be between 75 and 80 °C, the water temperature is too high and it is easy to make the bitterness of green tea heavier; Biluo Chun tea is also suitable for cold brewing, and the aroma and taste of Biluo Chun are both mellow and refreshing.

Biluo Chun tea is suitable for pairing with salty snacks, if you want to carry Biluo Chun tea when you go out, just put loose tea into the tea filter, or directly put tea bags in the container, can make the taste of Biluo Chun perfectly presented, if you want to enjoy the fun of brewing tea, you can refer to this: Tea brewing is a big knowledge! The most detailed 5 steps to brew tea to brew sweet and good tea, there are simple tea brewing methods necessary for going out!


After reading the above introduction, do you know more about Biluo Spring Tea? If you want to choose a flavored tea that suits you, in addition to taste, but also include color, aroma, and even efficacy are all conditions that can be considered, this is to start to find your favorite tea, enjoy the fun of brewing tea and tasting tea!

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