Be careful not to buy wrong! Frozen top oolong tea is very different from traditional oolong tea, 3 big points to understand the characteristics of frozen top oolong tea

Frozen top oolong tea is one of the good teas in Taiwan’s long history, not only in Lugu Township every year to hold the frozen top excellent tea competition, attracting many tea lovers to taste tea on the mountain, the unique aroma of rice and roasting, but also after drinking in the throat sweet, endless aftertaste. However, frozen top oolong tea is so famous, it is inevitable that there will be counterfeit unscrupulous operators, how to identify the authenticity of frozen top oolong tea? What is the difference between frozen top oolong tea and traditional oolong tea? After reading this, let you know the frozen top oolong tea well!

What is frozen top oolong tea?

Frozen top oolong tea is an oolong tea system developed in Taiwan, which originated early and once declined, and then dominated the market again after cultivation and improvement, known as the saint of Taiwanese tea, and one of the “top ten famous teas in Taiwan”.

The origin of frozen top oolong tea is varied, it can be determined that it is a very early tea species in Taiwan’s history, planted in the area of Lugu Township, Nantou County, in the 1950s by the agricultural experiment institute to assist tea farmers in farming, and in the 1960s began to carry out new varieties of improved trial planting, in the 1970s began to carry out graded packaging and external sales, in the 1976 spring tea competition shouted to 5,000 yuan a catty, Lugu frozen top oolong tea has since made a reputation.

Frozen top excellent tea competition

After Lugu Township, Nantou County became a professional production area of frozen top oolong tea, the tea garden area and tea picking and tea making technology of Lugu Township also continued to improve, while production and sales increased, the competition became more and more fierce, and the then Taiwan Provincial Government Agriculture and Forestry Department simply began to hold the first “frozen top excellent tea competition” in 1976 (65th year of the Republic of China), until now jointly maintained and held by the Lugu Township Farmers’ Association, the frozen top tea production cooperative, and the Yonglong Community Development Association jointly maintained and held the competition in turn, which is also an exhibition and sales event for frozen top excellent tea.

Frozen top oolong tea production area

Frozen top oolong tea mostly uses Qingxin oolong, Wuyi seed, Sijichun and Taicha No. 12, Taicha No. 13, the altitude falls at 600 to 1200 meters, the production area is concentrated in the generation of Lugu Township, Nantou County, only a few villages planted in the early days, and the tea area gradually expanded after the reputation of frozen top oolong tea.

The mountain tea garden indicates the origin of frozen top oolong tea

There are many bases for the saying “frozen top”, one is a mountain in Lugu Township, Nantou, called frozen top mountain; It is also said that there is a “frozen top alley” in Zhangya Village, a village that produced one of the early production of frozen top oolong tea; The word “frozen top” is also similar to the Hakka pronunciation of “mountain top”, so it is also said that frozen top oolong is used by Hakka tea farmers to describe the oolong tea harvested from tea plants planted on the top of the mountain.

Frozen top oolong tea specialty

Frozen top oolong tea taste

Use frozen top oolong tea soup to show the color and taste of frozen top oolong tea

Frozen top oolong tea has a hemispherical appearance, which is made of strip-shaped seed wrapping and Tie Guanyin cloth wrapping method, the degree of fermentation is light fermentation, and the leaves are characterized by green leaves with red edges. Frozen top oolong tea tea aroma with rice grain aroma and light flower and fruit aroma, the tea soup is wonderful in the “throat rhyme”, mellow and smooth in the mouth, sweet and fragrant, slipped into the throat, frozen top oolong tea unique caramelized roasting aroma remains in the mouth, full of aftertaste, and good frozen top oolong tea is not only brewed for a long time, but also sweet and sweet, after repeated brewing does not reduce its charm.

Frozen top oolong tea is different from traditional oolong tea

Frozen top oolong tea will be repeatedly roasted during the production process, with light fermentation combined with subsequent tea roasting, which is different from the traditional oolong tea re-roasting fire aroma, tea soup water color red, and drinking characteristics of burnt aroma. This change comes from the advice of the judges in the frozen top excellent tea competition, with three characteristics: the tea soup is golden and clear , the tea aroma is fragrant, and the frozen top oolong tea with a mellow taste is used as the top quality, which is different from the traditional oolong tea, in order to get out of its own characteristics, after the fragrant frozen top oolong tea has become the mainstream of the market, and the way of light fermentation with tea roasting is also widely spread.

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Frozen top oolong tea effect

Oolong tea is second only to green tea and contains sub-catechuanachins. Catechins have antioxidant effects, which can scavenge free radicals in the human body and help reduce the possibility of cancer cell proliferation; In addition, catechins can also help lower blood sugar, blood lipids and blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases, tea polyphenols and catechins in oolong tea have another effect: reduce the absorption of intestinal sugars and fats, help digestion, and stimulate metabolism; And oolong tea also has the effect of improving bad breath and preventing plaque and tooth decay, so many people will choose oolong tea as an after-meal drink.

Although the effect of tea is good, but still pay attention to the amount of drinking, about 2000C.C. daily water intake, about 600C.C. tea is a better amount, drinking too much oolong tea will affect iron absorption, resulting in symptoms of anemia, and because oolong tea has the effect of astringent gastrointestinal mucosa, patients with weak gastrointestinal sensitivity and constipation are not recommended to drink too much.

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Frozen top oolong tea to identify counterfeits

Frozen top oolong tea leaves indicate how frozen top oolong tea looks

In the past, there have been incidents of unshady tea merchants using real tea to let customers taste it, and then selling inferior tea to guests, prompting the Lugu Township Frozen Top Tea Production Cooperative to completely replace the packaging, with the identification on the package: “one touch, two look, three flip” as a counterfeit label.

One touch

On the packaging of Zhenggang frozen top oolong tea, you can feel the raised pattern like a banknote counterfeiting device when touched lightly with your fingertips.

Two looks

Each winning frozen top oolong tea will be given a four-code serial number belonging to the tea, which can not only confirm the “orthographic mark” of the tea through the serial number, but also confirm the authenticity of the tea to the producer.

Triple flip

When flipping the package, the laser pattern on the package will change from purplish red to golden green.

Through the packaging anti-counterfeiting mechanism, the counterfeiting of frozen top oolong tea incidents are much reduced, and the counterfeiting mechanism on the packaging will also be changed and adjusted from time to time, when buying tea produced in the place of origin, if the competition tea can be bought after a long time, or there are doubts about the packaging and taste, it is recommended to confirm again and again or find a familiar tea house to buy, or like the tea of Spero Tea, with the origin certification direct delivery and inspection certificate, in order to buy safely and drink healthily!

Frozen top oolong tea brewing method

Frozen top oolong tea is particularly resistant to brewing, so there is no need to worry about making the tea light and tasteless after many re-rinses, and even if the frozen top oolong tea is brewed for a long time, the flavor of the tea soup is not easy to change the tone, which is very suitable for serving on large formal occasions or accompanying tea for long conversations.

The tea pouring screen shows that frozen top oolong tea is suitable for social tea

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