【Tea preservation method】Is there a shelf life for tea? 3 keys to preserve the best flavor of tea!

The aroma and color of tea depend on the freshness of the tea leaves to maintain the state of fresh tea, in addition to picking and making process, the most important thing is the subsequent preservation of tea.

This article will teach you the method of tea preservation hand-in-hand, as well as solve the small problems about the way of tea preservation, without further ado, hurry up and read on!

The importance of tea preservation

After buying fresh tea, have you ever encountered the phenomenon that the tea leaves are a little out of taste after opening or brewing several times? This is because tea taste is easily affected by the environment in which tea is preserved.

There are roughly three factors affecting the taste of tea: tea has the characteristics of moisture absorption, odor absorption, and easy oxidation , even if the shelf life of tea has not expired, the flavor of tea will be affected by these three factors and taste. Therefore, it is especially important to learn how to preserve tea leaves!

Here are a few key tea preservation methods, pay attention to these points, so that the fresh flavor of tea can be maintained better and longer.

Three major ways to preserve tea

From the above, if we want to preserve tea well, we must achieve the three points of sealing and drying the tea, isolating oxygen, and staying away from flavorful ingredients, and the following is a description of the tea preservation method by the control of the container, humidity, and temperature of the tea preservation respectively.

Tea preservation container: sealed, opaque, metal, aluminum foil material

Tea preservation container to metal can, aluminum foil material sealed bag as the best choice, if it is at home, it is recommended to use metal canned tea as a way to preserve tea, metal can be isolated from air, light, and with other ingredients can prevent extrusion and odor contamination, if you are buying bulk packaged tea, you can put the desiccant inside when canning.

If you go out to carry tea with you, it is recommended to pack it in a light-tight aluminum foil chain bag, the first is that opaque can prevent light, the second is that the sealed clip bag can block moisture and air, and the tea will not fall out, and the chain bag is packed one by one, and it will not be busy when brewing or dispensing.

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So that Spero Tea triangle tea bag 7 into the bag indicates that the tea preservation container purple bud camellia original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series light bag 7 in

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“7 into lightweight bag”: The outer bag is made of pure aluminum foil, which has a better effect of blocking sunlight and air than electroplated aluminum foil and plastic packaging, and reduces the possibility of tea in the bag being tasted.

Spero Tea Triangle Tea Bag 8 into a box represents the tea preservation container Ziya Camellia original leaf triangle three-dimensional tea bag series

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“8 into box”: the whole packaging is filled with nitrogen to keep fresh, and the outer bag is made of aluminum foil, which has a better effect of blocking sunlight and air than plastic packaging, and reduces the possibility of tea in the bag. You can feel the pure flavor of tea every time.

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Tea preserves humidity

The tea leaves in the tea rule represent the humidity of tea preservation

The humidity of tea is best within 3%~6%, when the tea is exposed to the air with humidity of more than 60%, the tea will quickly “
, the color becomes darker, and the taste will be out of shape.

In the maintenance of humidity, in addition to using containers to isolate moisture, tea preservation methods also have the following two points to pay attention to:

1. Do not grasp the tea
leaves with your hands
When we take out the tea leaves from the container, it will be better to grasp the tea or other utensils than to use the hands, because the moisture and heat on the hands will not only affect the flavor of the tea leaves, but also affect the tea leaves that have not been taken out and gradually deteriorate.

2. Do not put the tea leaves on the floor or close to the wall
The floor and the wall are spaces that are easily affected by temperature and humidity, and the tea preservation method, in addition to the desiccant that can absorb moisture or lime, activated carbon, etc. in the tea can, remember to separate the tea from the floor and the wall to prevent the tea from moisture. In addition, if the substance used for moisture absorption is to be put into the tea can, it is necessary to confirm that the substance does not have too heavy taste, otherwise the tea will still absorb the taste of the substance and taste, if you are worried about this, the hygroscopic substance can be placed next to the tea container, and it has the same drying effect!

Tea preservation temperature

The tea storage temperature is shown according to the tea storage temperature standard

Tea storage temperature, the frequency of recent drinking of tea can be used as a difference, if the tea can be drunk within 6 months, refrigeration below 5 °C temperature is the most just right, if it is to be stored for a long time, then freezing at -10 °C to -18 °C is conducive to tea preservation.

When taking out tea leaves from the refrigerated or freezer, please do not open the package at first, and then open and take it when the tea packaging is close to room temperature, so as to avoid the generated moisture running into the interior and causing the tea to be damp; In addition, if the tea leaves have been frozen, avoid frequent use to avoid poor freezing effect.

Common tea preservation problems

1. Can tea be put in the refrigerator?

Although it is recommended that tea can be stored in refrigerated and freezer storage when indicating the storage temperature of tea, there are a few exceptions, such as Pu’er tea, which is not suitable for storage in the refrigerator, but other tea varieties can be placed in the refrigerator. In addition, if you want to store tea in the refrigerator, pay attention to seal the tea leaves or separate them from other ingredients to prevent the tea from absorbing the taste of other ingredients, which is a very common situation, but as long as you are prepared to separate and seal it, you can avoid such a dilemma.

2. Does tea have a shelf life?

The most common shelf life marked on the tea packaging is two years, it is recommended that you drink it as soon as possible after purchase, but the specific shelf life of tea is still based on the condition of the tea itself, if it is properly preserved, the tea can continue to drink after the fresh taste period, but if there are signs of tea deterioration, even within the recommended shelf life, the tea has been damaged, not only the flavor is not good, but also may harm the body.

3. How to judge the quality of tea?

The quality of tea can be judged by appearance, taste, brewing condition.
In appearance, if the tea leaves have formed into pieces, or if they are not brittle but soft when pressed lightly by hand, the tea leaves have been damp.
In terms of taste, if the tea leaves have a sour and moist smell, the tea may have deteriorated.
If you want to further confirm whether the tea leaves are broken or not, you can brew the tea leaves to check the color of the tea and the taste of the tea soup. If the tea is cloudy and the tea soup has no aroma or even emits a sour taste, the tea leaves have been broken and should be stopped.


Tea tasting is an interesting science, in addition to enjoying the process of brewing tea and tasting tea, the science of taking care of tea leaves is also fascinating, if you are worried about not taking care of it,
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